Mia’s time as an eight-year old was an action packed one for her, sadly not for all the best of reasons.

She lost her best friend, Chloe – regular followers of Chloe and Mia’s reviews will know these two came as a package and wherever Chloe went Mia followed – even if it meant just an ear making an appearance in the photograph. She had two operations (the second after being diagnosed with cancer) but she ended her time as an eight-year old beating cancer and getting the all clear on other worries.

Such a year took its toll and for a time her personality changed, but after gradually getting back to her old self she decided to celebrate her birthday in style with a birthday bash, including her own birthday song which played when her cake was served, with two new pals – Christopher and Danny.

First up…the presents!

What do you get the dog who has it all? That was what we asked ourselves.

She has more beds than Beyoncé (we assume), she has two toy baskets which were overflowing (the introduction of two new dogs who have a penchant for tug-o-war has some what diminished the fluffy toys who have now been kept in a safe and secure location until they can be released once again), so we decided to surprise her – and us – with a monthly gift box from PawPost.co.uk.

When selecting the hamper we found we could choose to receive one single hamper, or one each month for 3, 6 or 12 months ranging in prices from £17.95-£22.95 per month depending on how often you’d like to receive (you can find out more here) before you sit back and wait for them to be delivered!

The hampers are tailored to your dog, or cat, based on age, weight and each box of goodies will include 5-7 items which are designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained.

Mia’s hamper this month, as above, included six great gifts:

– Beautiful Joe’s handmade, air-dryed liver treats including a treat tin to store them in – these have become Mia’s absolute favourites and we only discovered them thanks to this hamper.

– A Busy Buddy football treat trapper which can hold dry treats, biscuits or cheese sticks while your dog tries to get them out – this was Danny’s favourite (yes, Mia did share – that’s just the sort of girl she is) and has kept him entertained for hours.

– A Nose2Tail salmon terrine tin of dog food. Hypoallergenic and a premium pet food – Mia said yum!

– A Nose2Tail lamb loaf tin of dog food. Including a special blend of herbs, fruit, vegetables and minerals alongside the lamb – Mia let Christopher and Danny have a mouthful before tucking into the rest herself!

– A Danish Design ‘Peter the Parrot’ toy – A plush, squeaky dog toy that also rattles and crackles – Christopher couldn’t be held back from this one and Mia was happy to share (until she’s decided it’s hers, all hers, that is).

We can’t wait for next month’s hamper to find out what other treats lie in store!

Find out more about PawPost.co.uk online and see what your dog or cat could be getting through the post each month.

Next up in Mia’s birthday bash…we have – of course – the all important cake!

Mia’s birthday cake was a personalised 6-inch peanut sponge cake from Lincolnshire dog bakery, M&M’s Kitchen costing £14.99.

Topped with dog-safe carob chocolate and finished with peanut butter flavoured bones around the sides, this cake looked as good as it tasted – we assume from Mia, Christopher and Danny’s reaction. All ingredients are of course dog friendly and this size of cake can feed up to 6 dogs – safe to say that Mia, Christopher and Danny all enjoyed two pieces each.

The first piece of which was served to Mia’s own personalised birthday song playing – yes, you read that right 🙂

Mia was also lucky enough to sample a doggie cupcake (£2.99 each) and some individual peanut butter flavoured bones (£3.00 for 125g) as an added treat. With the bones having a shelf life of up to 12 weeks Mia has been savouring these.

This cake absolutely made the party, it was a fantastic addition. Depending on where your tastes lie, a 4-inch similar cake is available for £9.99 – or you could splash out on a two-tier cake for £35.00

Find out more about the doggie bakery online on Facebook where you can read more reviews, find out about special offers and visit their site.

A huge thanks to PawPost.co.uk and M&M’s Kitchen for making Mia’s 9th birthday special! Watch her enjoy her special day with her friends in the gallery below…

Happy birthday Mia, love Christopher and Danny – thank you for sharing your goodies with us!


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