Chloe turns 15 years old today. It’s a day a few years ago we worried would never come. Life lesson no 1 from Chloe: ‘When in doubt, pick up a toy. It’s never that bad, surely.’

Once a bumbling, bounding Labrador who fell in our pond (twice) the day we moved into our home and got herself the nickname ‘the blur’, she moves much slower nowadays but still has the same lust for life, and tennis balls, as always.

Never particularly camera savvy (and we love her for it), today on her special day we’re bringing a gallery of some of her fun moments over the years.

But first we’d like to say a special thanks for her special dog bone birthday cake, sent to her wish special wishes from The Dogs Cake Bakery & Gift Shop in East Sussex, and what a cake it is!

With the personalised icing and paw prints on top, we were also sent candles and balloons to help make the moment introducing the cake to Chloe even more special!

Chloe dog birthday cake

The dog bone birthday cake comes in various sizes. Pictured here is the 6 inch cake, priced at £20.99. Additional costs: 5 balloons – £1.81 and the candles – 48p each. 

Made with free range and organic dog safe ingredients, the icing on top is made with natural greek yogurt and non hydrogenated oil, it is sweetened with cane sugar and so this is why its advisable this is a special treat (hooray for Chloe!) and has a week shelf life.

Like others in the designer range, the dog bone cake needs to be ordered 7 days in advance to allow it to be made and delivered on time, with maximum shelf life time once it reaches you, but some of the cakes, such as the 5 inch more traditional range cake, can be ordered for next day delivery.

After our girls (Mia couldn’t be exempt – she wouldn’t allow it) have had their taster for the day, we’ll be packing away in a storage tin to keep it moist.


We love this cake and we can’t thank Cheryl at The Dogs Cake Bakery enough, Chloe (and Mia) loved it and for us, it was great to be able to treat Chloe – the girl who has everything – to something extra special. Visit their website or check them out on Facebook to find out more:

Here’s some special shots of Chloe over the years…

And to many more to come…happy birthday special girl.

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