The video-sharing app TikTok has become hugely popular in the past couple of years, with millions of people using the app to get their daily fix of the internet’s favourite commodity – cute dog videos. In fact, there have been well over 120 billion views of dog videos on TikTok to date, but it seems some dog breeds are much more popular on this social media site than others.

These Are The Most Popular Dogs On TikTok And How Much They Are Earning

  • TikTok videos tagged with #dog have been watched over 120 billion times
  • Golden Retriever videos are getting the most views on TikTok, followed by German Shepherds and Chihuahuas
  • Research shows that the most popular dog accounts could be earning over £9,000 per TikTok video

A new report using TikTok data has been released by credit card comparison site, revealing which breeds of dog are receiving the most video views on the social channel.

The top 12 most popular dog breeds on TikTok have all clocked up over 1 billion video views each, but there’s one pup who is the clear leader of the pack.  The Golden Retriever takes the biscuit as the most-watched dog breed on TikTok with 9.2 billion views, that’s nearly 5 billion views more than the second most popular TikTok dog, German Shepherds.  In third place, the Chihuahua takes bronze as TikTok’s most popular dog, beating Pugs, Poodles and Pomeranians.

The Most Viewed Dog Videos on TikTok According to Breed Hashtags:

  1. Golden Retriever – 9.2 billion views
  2. German shepherd – 4.3 billion views
  3. Chihuahua – 4.1 billion views
  4. Pug – 3.6 billion views
  5. Rottweiler – 3.2 billion views
  6. Pomeranian – 3.1 billlion views
  7. French Bulldog – 2.8 billion views
  8. Labrador – 2.6 billion views
  9. Poodle – 2 billion views
  10. Great Dane – 1.7 billion views
  11. Siberian Husky – 1.4 billion views
  12. Samoyed – 1.2 billion views
  13. Border Collie – 1 billion views
  14. Sprollie – 872 million views
  15. Beagle – 737 million views
  16. Chow Chow – 617 million views
  17. Shih Tzu –  600 million views
  18. Australian Shepherd – 515 million views
  19. Newfoundland – 511 million views
  20. Bernese Mountain Dog – 409 million views

The fourth most viewed dog breed on TikTok is the Pug. Another canine report by revealed that as well as being popular on TikTok, people also love to show their love for pugs in a much more permanent fashion, revealing them to be the most tattooed dog breed. (that’s tattoos of dogs on people, not tattoos on dogs!).

In 6th place is the Pomeranian, which is also the breed of one of the most famous dogs on social media in the world. Jiff Pom, who started his social career on Instagram, is now on TikTok with no less than 20 million followers and over 500 million likes for his videos.

Husky videos are also wildly popular on TikTok, and one (or rather two) in particular have captured the hearts of Tik Tok users. Kieran and Yasmin, both Alaskan Klee Kai have over 2.5 million followers, and could be earning up to £1,088 per post according to a TikTok earnings calculator.


#heretheycome twinsies 👯‍♀️ did you know Skye and Copper are actually half siblings?

♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

In fact, with dog videos being so hugely popular on TikTok, there is potential to earn thousands from your pup’s account. The report reveals that dogs with around 200,000 followers can earn between around £70 and – £108 a post, whereas if you achieve more than a million engaged followers, your pup could be bringing in upwards of £725 per post.

Dog Influencer Earnings On TikTok:

Handle Breed Followers Likes (millions) Est Cost Per Post £
@jiffpom Pomeranian 20,900,000 517.7 9,009
@tuckerbudzyn Golden Retriever 7,900,000 134.1 3,440
@whataboutbunny Sheepadoodle 5,900,000 118.6 3540
@dougthepug Pug 5,800,000 87.5 2,567
@mayapolarbear Samoyed 4,800,000 62.4 2,091
@sushisaid Cockapoo 2,800,000 34 1,219
@lifewithkleekai Alaskan Klee Kai 2,500,000 44.8 1,088
@cocothemaltesedog Maltese 2,500,000 29 1,088
@fluffyface_enzo Samoyed 1,400,000 17.2 610
@minidoodlebentley Doodle 1,100,000 29.4 660
@gusgusinthecity French Bulldog 1,000,000 13.6 479
@baloublue French Bulldog 848,800 10.1 369
@maymothedog Beagle 245,100 3.8 106
@buddythedappleddachshund Dachshund 231,300 4 101


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