Breed specific legislation has been debated in Parliament this past week. Evidence was put forward for politicians to consider whether or not the law introduced hastily in 1991 should be kept or overturned.

A panel of experts gave their considered opinions on the legislation, particularly the element that makes certain dogs illegal on looks alone, regardless of whether they’ve actually done anything dangerous or not.

A huge number of dog experts have condemned breed specific legislation as a cruel, ineffective law that has seen many lives ruined and innocent dogs killed by the state. Dogs who, it has been openly admitted by the very people seeking to kill them, have never shown aggression or acting in a dangerous way at any point.

Well it would appear one particular organisation not only thinks breed specific legislation should be kept, they actually want MORE dogs added to the banned list.

In written submission to the committee Elisa Allen on behalf of PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) is keen to add your Staffy terrier to the list of breeds to be caught up in the BSL killing machinery of the British state.

She says:

“The failure to include Staffordshire terriers and American bulldogs, both pit bull–type dogs, in the Act has resulted in continued severe incidents of mauling by dogs of these breeds in the UK. It also creates a loophole that can lead the owners of prohibited breeds to misidentify their dogs as Staffordshire terriers or American bulldogs – or mixes of these breeds – on purpose. ”

She then goes on to cite an incident of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was involved in a high profile attack on a person as well as a report of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that attacked and killed another dog.

You will need to read the entire piece for yourself before you make your mind up:

BSL has failed. It has failed to protect the public. It has failed to protect dogs. It has lead to deaths of people and deaths of innocent dogs and it costs the tax payers MILLIONS of pounds. The state is routinely seizing people’s dogs because of what they look like.

So PETA’s position is that more dogs should be added to the list?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, in fact all well socialised, properly cared for dogs from the bullbreed family are some of the most loving, loyal and even tempered dogs on the planet. A call to have them all banned is, quite frankly, astonishing. Millions of people own these dogs. Millions of good people who love their dogs dearly.

Banning dog breeds neither works in practice or theory. The reasons are well known and we’ve had more than a quarter of a century of breed specific legislation to learn whether or not this cruel law solves the problem of irresponsible dog ownership or not. The answer is, unequivocally NO. Adding more breeds to a ban list would create carnage. Carnage for police, the courts and total devastation to the lives of the people who own, love and care for these dogs.

PETA clearly has the opinion that Pit Bulls are an inherently bad, dangerous dog breed. That much is obvious. And now they would like the Government to come for your Staffies too.

The Kennel Club disagrees with BSL.
The RSPCA disagrees with BSL.
The Dogs Trust disagrees with BSL.
The BVA disagress with BSL.

Up to now it’s been very, very difficult to find any credible voices who support the legislation. And let me totally clear about this, PETA is NOT a credible voice. They are a voice, yes. A loud one. But for an organisation that kills as many healthy animals as they do, true animal welfare advocates all over the world have raised serious concerns about what PETA actually stands for.

If you care about dogs. If you care about YOUR dog. Write to your MP today and ask them to listen to the experts on BSL. Online petitions, polls and the like are all well and good but you need to write to your MP and tell them that this is a subject you care about, that it matters to you what your MP does in terms of animal welfare legislation.

In super simple terms, we only need to ask ourselves one question: is it right that dogs should be seized, locked up and potentially killed purely because of what they happen to look like? If you think the answer to that is no, then PETA is not your friend and your MP owes you an explanation as to where they stand on the issue. Write to them today. Do it now. Please.

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  1. I have owned two staffies, unfortunately they have now passed. They are wonderful dogs, friendly and loyal. They are so good with children, they were once known as the nannie dog, because of how good they are with kids.. PETA need to get their facts right!! I too, wonder how many innocent animals they actually put down every year. They are a disgrace!! Humans are the problem, not these dogs!! They need to remember when spouting off THAT any dog can bite, regardless what breed they are! PETA should be banned!!

    1. No, they were never ‘nanny dogs’. That is a dangerous myth which was started by breed advocates. The timeline as to when they were supposed to be ‘nanny dogs’ keeps on changing and there are no primary sources to prove they ever were either. Besides, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and pit bulls (although staffords are legally classed as pits in the US and other countries) have mauled and killed more people (including children) than any other type of dog.

  2. Too true we have a Stafford she’s the most gentle dog you can meet she loves people dogs children .and she lives with a bullmastifg

  3. My Maggie is a rescue staffie and we’ve had her for six years, I’ve had many breeds of dog all my life, but never have I had the devotion and loyalty from another as I have in Maggie!
    Everyone loves her, she’s fabulous with other dogs and regularly meets up with play dates with her pals!
    She hasn’t an aggressive bone in her body, she’s grown up with my two children and has shown nothing but love and kindness!
    To think that someone would take her away from me would scar me for life….I suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety as it’s Maggie that helps me face another day when my world looks very dark!
    I can’t express my emense anger and sorrow that anyone would want to wrench my beautiful girl away from me and her loving family! Maggie would suffer dreadfully being taken away from me!
    Please please if anyone reads this I urge you all to reconsider banning staffies!! You would devistate so many beautiful dogs lives and their owners!!
    This simply can’t happen….I’m already loosing sleep at the thought of someone taking her away

  4. It’s not the dogs that’s the issue it’s the owners. Why don’t Peta concentrate on dealing with the evil humans that use their dogs for bad.

  5. PETA are looking at the wrong end of the lead!!
    I completely agree that there should more more focus and consequence for owners who mistreat and are cruel to their pets/dogs; especially bull/terrier type dogs. There is much evidence to suggest that those who are cruel to animals are likely to be perpetrators of domestic abuse so something needs to be done to protect both animals and humans as it is these people who are the real danger.
    I have owned many dogs, from spaniels, GSD’s, Akita and most recently, 4 staffies. Until I am too old and infirm to care for a staffie, I wouldn’t ever consider another breed. If they are loved, cared for and given plenty of exercise and stimulation, they are in my opinion the most funny, loyal, loving, caring pets and wonderful family dogs.
    It would completely destroy and my family me if either of my staffs were taken from us. I too suffer with anxiety, depression and CPTSD. They are my best friends and I’d be lost without them! It seems that PETA are perhaps barking up the wrong tree (pun intended 😉 )

  6. What a load of crap any dog regardless of breed can be dangerous, whether it be a jack Russell, a poodle whatever, every dog has the potential to kill or maul, Remember dog are wild animals just need and tamed but regardless they all have that survival instinct just because the 2 words pit bull are in the same sentence of breed doesn’t make them dangerous, its owners and lack of education and training that potentially turn animals into a nasty animal I have a 2 year old blue Staffordshire bull terrier I never put her on a lead ever cos she has been taught and educated and very loved by myself and my partner, her mother has a poodle and that’s vicious should that be banned too?look at the owners not the dogs get a grip and sort this rubbish out, it’s the ankle buyers that are worse

  7. No dog breed has a right to exist. They are all manufactured by humans, and if any breed turns out to be too high a risk, then that breed should be eliminated. There are plenty of other manufactured breeds to choose from. Its not about individual dogs. Lets have an end to irrelevant comments like “my pitbull is lovely with children” or “its the owners fault” etc.

  8. I have a two and a half year old female rescue Staffordshire Bull terrier. She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever owned. I trust her fully much more than I can say for some people I signed the petition to end BSL and stop the inhumane killing of these poor animals. PETA should be ashamed of themselves. I’d much rather everyone have to have a dog licence and insurance. Than them destroy the best family dogs you could possibly have.

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