Dogs. They’re unique in nearly every way, but some of the things they do are universally recognisable and describing your dog’s actions can translate across the globe. Continuing K9 Magazine’s ‘Dogosaurus’ series, we’d like to see if you can spot any of your dog’s quirky habits and finally put a name to some of those actions we all know and love….

A meal deal v.

When a dog kindly offers you its favourite toy in exchange for whatever it is you may be eating.

Breaching the meal deal v.

A breach of the meal deal (above) occurs when the dog finishes eating what you have given them and then demands their toy back instantly, either by way of physically taking it from you or repeatedly ‘shouting’ at you to give it back.

A Bullish Celebration n.

The act of kicking out the rear legs in a triumphant, bull-like fashion following a toilet stop. Make no mistake, unlike their feline counterpart, the canine species is not seeking to hide their shame with a mock burial of their ‘doings’.

No, this is a self-congratulatory act intended to show the world how proud they are of their work with the aid of a highly visible bullish celebration.

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Supermarket Superhero descriptive.

Upon your return from a grocery shopping expedition you will instantly be heralded as a ‘Supermarket Superhero’ in the eyes of your adoring dog. You see, they don’t fully understand the concept of what we humans commonly recognise as 21st Century commerce, i.e. the act of handing over paper in exchange for goods, in this case edible goods. Thus when you go out shopping, to your dog you are on a hunting expedition and as such, when you consistently return with such impressive spoils as freshly caught wild donuts and a bag full of that elusive prey known as cereal in a box, you instantly become the Supermarket Superhero.

It is not wrong to take advantage of this elevated status in the household; in fact you are entitled to bask in it whilst the dog assists you in examining the spoils of your expedition.

Storm Warning n.

You know it’s coming. You can spot it a mile off, smell it even. You’ve instigated a bit of play with Max or Maxine and they’ve made their mind up, ‘ok, it’s on’. The ears slick back, the face tightens and the head sits deadly still for a moment. Their whole body contorts into a coiled spring-like pose and you know that even the slightest movement from you will trigger the storm about to be unleashed in your living room. Too late, their off.

Hurtling round and round at a speed transforming your once trusty ally into a motion blur, hind legs tucked up as far as they’ll go in an effort to develop yet more speed and then, finally a brief moment of calm. You look into their face and realise one wrong move from you and they’ll be off again, this time even faster. Worth noting is the fact that certain acts can trigger a storm. Holding your breath before blowing on their nose for example, playing a vigorous game of chase or hiding a favourite toy for too long are all likely to stir up a canine force of nature. One thing you can be sure of though, your dog is incapable of hiding the tell-tale signs of a storm brewing.

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Please share your own canine’s antics with stories, photos and videos to submit your own entry!


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