Today (Thursday 20th April 2017) marks the one year anniversary for a dog who was seized last year on suspicion of being a banned breed based on her appearance.

The four-year old cross-breed dog named Sky was seized after she was abandoned in kennels by her owner who it was later found had emigrated to Australia and she has not been allowed to see anyone since she was seized.

Although police are said to have confirmed verbally to Sky’s solicitor that she is doing ‘okay’ in kennels, she has spent a year of her life alone and without anyone with any connection to her past.

Photos all taken before she was seized

K9 Magazine recently spoke with the organisation attempting to save Sky’s life and free her from police custody, DDA Watch told the magazine, “Sky had previously been registered (exempted via court order) on the Index of Exempted Dogs some time ago.

The Index of Exempted Dogs is a list of dogs who are deemed to be a banned breed, or ‘type’, but the court think the dog is not a danger to the public and allow the dog’s owner to register their dog and adhere to restrictions and guidelines in order to keep and save the dog’s life.

DDA Watch continued, “In 2015 her owner had placed Sky in kennels and did not return for her. This was when it was discovered he had moved to Australia and the kennels took care of Sky before she was seized by police under Breed Specific Legislation.

“The police then applied to the court for a destruction order which the magistrates’ court granted. Sky initially had no legal representation. Since then DDA Watch have agreed to fund her case and Wheldon Law was instructed to act on her behalf and an appeal was then lodged.”

Eleanor McCann, daughter of Barbara (who was granted keepership of Sky) told K9 Magazine that Sky will be their family dog after they fell in love with her during her time when she was abandoned at the boarding kennels before being seized.

On Sky’s uncertain future, she told us, “The next hearing will hopefully be in June at the High Court but there is no decision pending that will mean Sky will be free soon, this will be decided by the High Court. This will be the final decision of whether Sky, a dog who has never done anything wrong in her life, will live or die.”

She continued, “We have not been able to see Sky since she was seized. We have not even received a photo and we would love to see one of her. Nobody that we know has been allowed to see Sky since she was taken away.

“DDA Watch and Wheldon Law have been amazing. Without their support, I don’t know where we would be. We are asking anyone who can help us to get in touch.

“The whole process will cost thousands and we are fundraising very hard to raise this in order to save Sky’s life. DDA Watch and ourselves are selling ‘Save Sky’ wrist band they are only £2.00 each including a pretty organza gift bag, plus £0.76p postage (for up to 4 wristbands in one envelope). If you would like to purchase one or more wristbands, please send your payment via PayPal to: stating how many wristbands you would like and please mark your payment ‘Sky Wristband’.”

Read more about Sky’s story, the petition to save her life here >>

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