As the UK prepares for its first ever National Dog Adoption Day, celebrities and rescue dogs are teaming up to share their stories and inspire others to consider adopting a dog this October during the school holidays while the whole family is at home to settle their new pet into their new home.

The campaign is being led by dog adoption site, and Animal Friends Insurance, who want to debunk the myths about adopting dogs and rescue dog owners are being invited to spread the word and share their dog’s story using #nationaldogadoptionday on 25th October.

Meet National Dog Adoption Day’s Celebrities Ambassadors

The UK is often referred to as a nation of animal lovers, with a quarter of households owning dogs.

These celebrities want to encourage anyone considering getting a dog to think about adopting, giving a second chance to one of the tens of thousands of dogs sitting in foster homes and rescue shelters across the country.

Reality TV star Pete Wicks has previously admitted to preferring dogs to people. Both of his dogs, Peggy and Eric, are rescue dogs:

Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

“There are so many dogs in rescue now, especially French Bulldogs, and some people don’t even think about getting a rescue dog. They think “I don’t know where the dog has come from”, “I don’t know this or that”, but it’s not always the case that when you get a dog from a breeder you know the answers to those things anyway. A lot of the time you don’t.

“Owning a dog changed my whole life. It changed everything. You can’t just decide to go out for dinner and stay out until 4am, you have a living being waiting for you at home, relying on you to get back.

“My dogs have changed my whole life, 100% for the better. They’ve made me more responsible and that’s what I try to get across. It’s a big responsibility and you can’t take it lightly.”

Actress Jorgie Porter adopted her dog, Lady, a Bichon Frise cross Jack Russell Terrier and believes it’s the best decision she’s ever made:

Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

“I adopted my lovely ‘Lady’ from a rescue home and it was the best decision I ever made! I think the fact we found each other at a kennel makes our bond even stronger and I can tell she loves me with all her heart. There is no better feeling than rescuing a friend for life!”

GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins rescued her dog after she had been abandoned in Ireland:

“My rescue dog Bailey is so special to us, we rescued her as a puppy after she’d been abandoned in Ireland and was brought over to the UK for rehoming. We love her so much, she’s brought us so much joy and has been a member of the family for so long I can’t imagine what life would be like without her.

“My 4 year-old daughter Ella Rose has such a lovely bond with her, they are best friends. I’m supporting National Dog Adoption Day as there are so many dogs out there desperately needing homes, so please choose to give them a new lease of life and adopt a furry friend who’ll give you so much love in return.”

Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn believes her dog prepared her for motherhood:

“I’m so happy to be involved in National Dog Adoption Day, I think it’s a brilliant way to spread the word about adopting a dog and it’s benefits and why it’s something you should definitely consider if you’re planning on getting a dog. It’s the most special privilege to be able to offer a loving dog a forever home, to open your arms and heart to all the love and companionship that they can bring and to help discourage illegal breeding and horrendous puppy farms.”

Best-selling author Jane Fallon firmly believes the right dog for someone is sitting in a shelter waiting to be found:

“The thought of a dog without a loving home breaks my heart, and yet animal centres everywhere are full of beautiful, funny, smart, loyal – and lonely – canines of all shapes, sizes and ages. Everyone could find their perfect new best friend in a shelter if they took the time to look.”

Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Leilani Dowding is a dog mum. When living in LA she rescued and rehomed three dogs, something she said was so rewarding:

“I love being a dog mum. My dogs mean the absolute world to me. I advocate for adoption as there are so many wonderful dogs out there who need homes. One of my dogs now is a rescue and he’s an absolute joy. I’ve also managed to rehome a couple of injured/sick/stray dogs I’ve found who I would have loved to have kept, but already had two. I would only ever rescue now after seeing the difference it makes to them and just how many great rescue dogs are out there.”

Former reality TV star turned actress Jess Impiazzi says fate led her to her two dogs:

Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

“I am so happy to support National Dog Adoption Day. Fate brought my two dogs, Bella and Bruce into my life and my life is richer because of them. If you are thinking about getting a dog, please consider adopting.

“Dogs are so uplifting, they don’t care what you look like or how your day has been, they love you for who you are and there are tens of thousands of dogs in rescue centres and foster homes looking for a second chance.”

Actor Peter Egan is an animal advocate and has been adopting dogs for over 20 years:

Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

“Dogs are an essential part of our lives. In my opinion, all animals are. Dogs hold a particular importance for us because they enter into our domestic lives in a very personal way and become crucial members of our family. Dogs teach us to live in the moment without harbouring resentment or revenge. They teach us about forgiveness and compassion.

“My wife Myra and I have adopted dogs for over 20 years. We think we adopted them but in truth they adopted us. At times we’ve had 7 dogs living permanently with us. Living with a pack is a unique and rewarding experience. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last 20 years through being a member of a pack of sometimes unruly but always devoted dogs. Lessons to do with patience, communication, commitment and empathy. Dogs have helped us to evolve. We owe them a deep level of gratitude.

“There is a time in all our lives when we become orphans. Luckily for we humans it is usually the natural transition determined by age but for dogs it happens more often as a result of cruelty, carelessness and greed. They deserve better. The greatest gift we can give them is a family. That’s why we adopt.”

What National Dog Adoption Day Hopes to Achieve (& Why It’s Needed)

New research from and Animal Friends Insurance reveals that over half (56 per cent)2 of animal shelters reported an increase in dogs coming into care over the last 12 months.

According to the dog adoption site,, almost half (45 per cent) 2 of animal rescues believe there is a worrying disconnect between people getting a dog and understanding the responsibilities involved in being a dog owner.

Boris was neglected and lost his eyes in a house fire. He is looking for a special new home – details here

The goal of National Dog Adoption Day (25th October 2019) is to turn the tide and give support to animal shelters across the UK by promoting the concept of dog adoption while sharing the stories of special dogs in rescue currently looking for new homes.

The campaign also hopes to help new dog owners understand what lies ahead by sharing the many fantastic benefits of adopting a dog.

“By understanding the responsibilities in the short and long term, we really hope we can help new dog owners prepare for the years ahead. When a dog joins our family it will give us 100%. We become their world. We should always be thinking about how we return the same dedication they show to us because owning a dog is a true privilege,” says Ryan O’Meara, a former professional dog trainer and co-founder.

Since launching in 2007, has helped more than 55,500 dogs to find new homes.
National Dog Adoption Day will share the stories of some of these dogs, including a French Bulldog cross named Zain who was adopted by soul singer Beverley Knight in 2018, to show the difference adoption can make to both the dog and their new family.

Lynsey Swaine, Campaign Manager for Animal Friends Insurance’s £100K Charity Giveaway said:

“We are thrilled to work with to launch the UK’s first National Dog Adoption Day and encourage anyone thinking about getting a dog to consider adopting their new companion.

“An incredible number of dogs end up in rescue homes every year, with many staying there for a long time. So, when you adopt a dog from one of these shelters you are giving them a second chance at belonging to a family and feeling what it’s like to be truly loved, something they may have never felt before.”

Ryan O’Meara concluded: “We want to encourage anyone thinking about getting a dog to seek advice from a rescue on what kind of dog might suit their lifestyle because the right dog will be out there for them, most likely sitting in a shelter somewhere right now.”

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