Our dogs ears are prone to a variety of unpleasant problems. Whether it’s ear infections, debris, ear mites or damage caused by external sources. Here we outline the 5 most common dog ear problems so you know what to look out for when caring for your dog’s health…

The following are the top 5 common dog ear problems.


An allergy is often caused by environmental irritants like dust or pollen. Or it caused by food ingredients. Symptoms of an allergy can be itchiness, inflamed ears, and paws. Feeding your dog with food low in allergen will help in preventing allergies. Low-allergen foods do not contain soy, corn, and wheat. Keeping the environment free from dust would be beneficial too. Consult a veterinarian if your dog happens to experience chronic ear infections, as they are experts in determining the cause of the recurring problem.

Ear Infections

Dog ear infections are commonly caused by ear mites, hygiene problems, obscene or warm environment, bacterial infections, and food allergies. Floppy-eared dogs are more likely to experience ear infections and can be a recurring problem. A warm and moist atmosphere caused by the ear flaps would be an ideal place for yeast and bacterial growth. A dog with an ear infection may experience noticeable ear wax discharges. It looks rusty or yellow ear discharges which has an unpleasant odor.

Debris in ears

Dogs’ ear debris must be removed regularly as part of hygiene. Common debris inside a dog’s ear can be foxtails, plant awns, and others. It is advisable to inspect the inner area of the dog’s ear for any possible debris. A regular ear cleaning would be necessary for debris prevention. Debris in a dog’s ear can be bothering and may lead to ear infection.


Parasites like to live on your dog’s hair, skin, and even inside their ears. Many of dogs’ diseases are caused by dog parasites. Fleas, ticks, and mites suck your dog’s blood which affects their health. If a dog is constantly itching or scratching and experiencing hair loss, it is possible that there are parasites living on the dog’s body. It must be treated as soon as possible before it leads to a serious problem.


It is commonly called dog ear hematoma. It is a type of ear injury that causes swelling. An ear hematoma can be unbearable for a dog. This serious ear problem can be treated through a surgery; however, if it is untreated it can lead to disfigurement of dog’s ear and nearby areas.

For more information on how to care for your dog’s ears, we recommend you take a look here: Ear problems in dogs.

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