For those of us not lucky enough to be able to work from home, leaving for work in the morning can induce some serious pet-parent guilt.

Keeping your dog occupied, happy and most importantly, safe, during the working day can be a challenge but there are a number of steps that you can take to make sure your pooch is content whilst you’re at work. Check out these top tips from the SuperDog pet vitamin suppliers over at Vitabiotics!

Doggy daycare

Dropping your dog off at doggy daycare is a great way to keep them happy whilst you’re at work, and help with their socialisation too!

There are plenty of dog daycare types, from dog sitters who will just look after your dog in their home, to large dedicated companies who will take care of many dogs each day. Taking your dog to a sitter will make sure that they’re well looked after whilst you’re at work, and ensure that they will get all of their regular walks throughout the day.

Exercise their minds

It’s important to keep your dog entertained and occupied when you’re out of the house.

Boredom can easily lead to destructive behaviour or an unhappy dog, so challenge them with toys and puzzles that will keep them active, and their minds working. Stuff treats into a hollow toy, or for even more enjoyment, hide their favourite toys around the house for them to discover.

Get them a furry friend

It’s easy for a single dog to get bored when left alone for long stretches of time, which can result in destructive behaviour.

If you regularly leave your dog at home when going to work, consider getting a second dog as a companion. Two or more dogs will be able to give each other company and keep each other entertained until you return home.

Go high-tech

There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the market today that will allow you to check on, and even talk to your dog throughout the day.

Consider a wifi enabled webcam so you can check in on your dog and make sure fido isn’t up to any mischief whilst you’re out and about! For extra interaction, some products now even let you talk to your dog, and give them a treat, no matter where you are.

Take them with you

If you’re unhappy about leaving your dog at home whilst you go to work, the best solution is simply to take them with you!

Recent research showed that a third of UK businesses are pet friendly, and this is only set to increase over the coming years. Coming to the office with you is a great adventure for your pup, with new sights and smells to explore, and people to meet (and get fussed by!).

If your office isn’t yet dog friendly, ask your managers if you can trial a day or two with your dog to see how well it works. If it goes ok, you could have a regular office dog in no time at all!

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