What do burglars really feel about taking on a home where they know a dog lives?

For an answer to this, let’s see what former career burglar Jack Black said in his book ‘You Can’t Win’

“Dogs, young or old, are the bane of the burglar’s life.”


Let me now recount a personal (attempted) burglary story.

It was early morning, New Year’s day in 2011. The sound of a smashed window is enough to wake any homer owner from their slumber in quick time.

As I rushed downstairs to be confronted by the unmistakable tell-tale signs of an attempted break in, window broken, latch half way up, glass on the inside of the living room floor, the only thing missing from the scene was….a burglar.

Our would-be home invader had run off before he’d made it inside. Now, you don’t have to be Columbo to figure out I live in a home with dogs. And you probably don’t have to be a CSI to deduce that this particular criminal got away sharpish because the noise of a broken window is something that most dogs will respond to with a very impressive display of natural territorial protection.

In our case we had two dogs ‘on duty’. Chloe, an elderly Labrador with restricted mobility and Mia, a young, fit and healthy Rottweiler.

Mia stayed in bed. Chloe did the business. Our burglar was apprehended breaking in to a chemist store a few hundred yards from our home. Chemist’s tend to have fairly high tech security systems, CCTV and alarms. Our man was in there helping himself to razor blades and whatever else he thought he could cram down his pants in time before the police showed up. What chemist’s don’t tend to have….is a dog with a bark.

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