British pet food manufacturer, Nutriment, recently announched it’s nomination for three prestigious awards as the company took another step forward for premium pet food.

Nutriment founder, Suzanne Brock, was short-listed as one of three finalists for The Artemis Award for this December’s prestigious ‘NatWest everywoman awards’, a high profile accolade with Prime Minister approval that seeks to showcase the very best female founder talent that Great Britain has to offer.

Nutriment Images - awards news


As a single mother, Suzanne is only too aware of the significant challenges associated with juggling the needs of young children and launching a ground-breaking business. The awards were first launched 13 years ago with the very specific role of challenging out-moded mindsets and providing a credible back catalogue of inspirational and accessible role models for future female founders to liaise with and aspire to.

If this wasn’t exciting enough Nutriment also reached the final stages of November’s ‘UK Start-Ups & Pet Industry Federation’ (PIF) awards.

According to Suzanne, ‘As a premium pet food provider PIF unquestionably sits at the very pinnacle of award recognition. This said, as an ambitious fledgling business we’re over the moon that our promising arrival within Britain’s blossoming premium pet food fraternity has been recognized by such prestigious awards as Start Ups and everywoman because the UK’s growing band of successful, independently-owned pet food providers is a phenomenal story just waiting to be told.’


Congratulations to Suzanne and the Nutriment team from all at K9 Magazine on winning both awards! They are two accolades that really resonate with single mum Suzanne, because it was only back in 2013 that she and her mother had no alternative but to remortgage their respective houses in order to get their ‘pet’ Nutriment project off the ground when her local bank lost its nerve at the 11th hour.

Suzanne, pictured here winning her NatWest everywoman award

As hard as the bank’s heavy-handed actions were to stomach at the time, a reflective Suzanne remains adamant that their reticence was integral to Nutriment’s subsequent success.

‘I learned early on to be very careful about who I trusted, which has led to me being blessed with a close-knit team, whose never-say-die mindset and infectious energy have been at the very heart of Nutriment’s ongoing success.’
Nutriment is certainly no flash-in-the-pan operation with three successful range launches bedded down in 2015 and more ground-breaking initiatives ready to roll in 2016.

‘Yes there have certainly been times when I craved a bigger war chest to participate in such a competitive UK pet food marketplace, but in truth, it’s made me more disciplined with regards to which projects I prioritize and which I put on the backburner for a little longer.’

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