Every week that goes by a new dog toy, food or accessory will be amid fanfare that it’s the most revolutionary or biggest game changer. Rarely are those claims able to stand up to serious scrutiny. This one might be different. This one really could be as game changing as products like the Kong.

Take a look at the concept for the GoBone. Can you picture this product lighting up your dog’s life in those moments when they’re on their own?

PulsePet, the company behind the product, opened pre-order sales for the smartbone on May 31 via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and met its first goal in just five days. The firm says:

The GoBone keeps dogs active with automatic, all-day entertainment while their owner is unavailable. The GoBone can also be used as an app-controlled gaming device for owners to play with their dogs in a fun, unique way when they are together. Working toward meeting its stretch funding goal, today PulsePet announced a new charitable contribution.


“As a dog owner and animal shelter volunteer, I know how much being bored and lonely can stress a dog,” says Santiago Gutierrez, CEO and founder. “When I created the GoBone, my original goal was to keep my dog Rufus entertained while he was home alone. But then I realized the GoBone could also be used to improve the bond between owners and their pets through interactive games they can play together. When we tested the GoBone initially, we did so with shelter dogs of all sizes. I saw the impact it made so donating to a local Dallas shelter just made sense as a great way to give back”

GoBone is partnering with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center to donate more than $1,000 worth of GoBones to the shelter. The GoBones will help mentally stimulate the dogs and engage them in their kennels. The GoBones will also help engage volunteers under the age of 18 who are not allowed to physically interact with animals. With the GoBone App, they will be able to play with the dogs by controlling the GoBone and playing games with them from outside the kennels.

“As the Dallas Animal Advisor Commissioner (District 1), I’ve been involved with several recently-adopted dogs from local animal shelters that were very reclusive and withdrawn,” said Chris Watts. “The GoBone provides mental and physical stimulation that brings out their personalities. Since interacting with the GoBone, they’ve become entirely different dogs.“

Using patent-pending algorithms, the GoBone automatically adjusts its behavior based on the dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to engage them longer and more often than other toys. For example, the GoBone moves quickly and takes sharp turns for an Aussie puppy. It slows down and takes easy turns for an older bulldog. Owners can set the GoBone on auto mode or they can schedule playtime via the GoBone App. When together, owners can choose to control the GoBone via the app, giving them more ways to play and interact with their dog.

“The GoBone is effective for playing with and exercising animals,” said Laura Young, Dallas Dog Behaviorist and AKC certified evaluator. “ As a dog behaviorist and trainer, I also see it as an innovative training and assessment tool. The GoBone lets me observe a dog’s natural style of play and drive, which helps me custom-tailor my training techniques to the individual dog’s personality.”

The ultra- durable exterior is replaceable so owners don’t need to buy a whole new GoBone if by chance it gets damaged. It is lightweight so pups can easily carry it around inside or outside. Owners can also customize colors and attachments as they’re introduced. The GoBone’s rechargeable battery lasts eight hours in autonomous mode and 30 minutes in freestyle (manual) mode. As many dogs may not have encountered an automated toy, the creators at GoBone have developed an introduction process to ensure even the most timid dogs gradually fall in love with the GoBone.


The GoBone was designed with safety and durability in mind. All parts that come in contact with dogs are made from FDA food-grade, eco-friendly materials. Multiple hardware and software safeties are in place to keep dogs safe. The GoBone has been tested for over 1,000 hours with more than 120 dogs in homes and shelters, where it has already demonstrated its positive influence on many dogs. For shelter dogs in particular, the GoBone has helped them become more active in their pens, showing potential adopting families the dog’s true self. The PulsePet team believes so strongly in the benefit shown to shelter dogs, that in addition to providing GoBones to a local Dallas shelter, PulsePet offers two Kickstarter pledge options that allow consumers to donate a GoBone to the shelter of choice to help as many dogs as possible.

Visit http://bit.ly/GoBone to pledge your support and save off the final retail price. For the cost of a week’s worth of doggy daycare, your best friend will enjoy all-day mental and physical exercise no matter how your day unfolds. For more information about GoBone, please visit http://www.mygobone.com.

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