Vets in Warwickshire have confirmed the death of a dog due to the deadly flesh eating disease known as Alabama Rot. The disease is most common in the months between November and February, claiming the lives of many UK dogs each year since it was identified.

‘Sadly we have had a confirmed case of CRGV/Alabama Rot in a dog at our practice. The dog has sadly died as a result of this illness.’, The Bilton Veterinary Centre in Rugby, Warwickshire confirmed.

Alabama Rot, or Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) to give it its full name, has mysterious origins with vets still unsure what causes it.

What is known is that it tends to be localised and more likely to be contracted when dogs are walked in muddy, woodland areas.

Vet Robin Hargreaves said: “Dog owners in these regions will feel understandably anxious about the recent cases but it seems that only a very small proportion of the dogs walked in these areas each day have been affected. Owners should make sure they are aware of the signs and symptoms and contact their vet immediately if they have any concerns. We are keeping our members informed about the ongoing situation.”

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