Earlier this year Diggy the smiling American Bulldog captured the hearts of many dog lovers across the world after his owner musician Dan Tillery shared a series of photos of the gentle rescue pup and his big smile on social media.


Sadly the happy photos led to officials in the town of Waterford, Michigan deciding to take action against him due to an assumption he was a Pit bull type dog, which is banned by an ordinance in the Township and prohibits any person from owning, possessing or maintaining a Pit bull or Pit bull type dog within the Township. A violation of the ordinance can result in a civil infraction and a fine of $500.

Dan, who had adopted the pup from Detroit Dog Rescue, and the rescue set about proving Diggy’s innocence and his status as an American Bulldog obtaining verification from a Waterford veterinarian.

As a result of their efforts and the veterinary expert’s verification, on 13th September 2016 the court dismissed the Township’s ordinance violation claim securing Diggy’s future with his family in Waterford. Dan shared the news on Facebook saying:

“Case Closed! The Ordinance Violation charge was dismissed by The Court. DIGGY is safe to stay at his home, with us in Waterford, MI furever. Thanks for all of the support everybody! We Did it!”

He also thanked Detroit Dog Rescue and their director, Kristina Millman-Rinaldi for sticking with them throughout the process.

To celebrate Diggy and Dan’s success, here are some of our favourite moments showing the bond the pair have as shared by Dan on social media.

A photo posted by Dan Tillery Music (@dantillery) on

Getting some Diggy love ?❤️ Photo: @curious_corbin #diggyanddan #dananddiggy #diggy #diggythebulldog #love

A photo posted by Dan Tillery Music (@dantillery) on

The bond the pair have is clear for all to see, we’re so pleased Diggy did it! Go Diggy!

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