With thousands of dogs being abandoned every day and the problem seeming to never end, we’ve decided to use today’s blog post to highlight seven dogs looking for new homes and pick out each’s star quality/superpower.

1) Dougal!

Bio: 1 year old black Patterdale Terrier boy.
Star quality: He can fit in your bag (or suitcase) which may make you think he’s a handbag dog but anyone who’s ever encountered a Terrier will know they may be small in size but they’ll fill your home with many memories.

Find out more: http://www.dogsblog.com/dougal-18

2) Mary!

Bio: 18 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl.
Star quality: With ears like this, she’ll be able to tune your satellite TV in 🙂 Seriously, this girl is adorable. Her star quality is that she doesn’t quite know how precious she is and how much the loyalty she can offer is a gift many would benefit from.

Find out more: http://www.dogsblog.com/mary-26

3) Meg!

Bio: 3 month old  Jack Russell cross Bichon Frise.
Star quality: The ability to melt any heart. Where’s her superhero cape we say!

Find out more online: http://www.dogsblog.com/meg-64

4) Bertie!

Bio: 1 year old Cross-Breed boy.
Star quality: This boy came into rescue in December. After being rehomed, he found himself back in rescue 3 months later as he bonded with all of the family, including the other family dog, but hadn’t bonded so well with the husband. Such a shame. Let’s hope for third time lucky for this boy and fate may mean his forever home lies around the corner.

Find out more online: http://www.dogsblog.com/bertie-82

5) Sandy!

Bio: 11 year old Cross-Breed.
Star quality: A bit of an escape artist – to keep you on your toes 🙂 This older girl is looking for a new home where she can benefit from long walks, roast chicken and lots of cuddles.

Find out more online:  http://www.dogsblog.com/sandy-65

6) Carlisle!

Bio: 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier.
Star quality: Which came first – the dog or the place? Well, the place. But seriously this dog’s star quality is that he has the ability via the medium of ears to direct you left or right, like a sat nav. Be warned – the direction his ears may take may be towards his namesake in Cumbria.

Find out more online: http://www.dogsblog.com/carlisle

7) Irina!

Bio: 2 year old Cross-Breed girl.
Star quality: Can touch her toes – look, we’re serious. Irina had a terrible start in life and she embodies the resilience and forgiving nature of dogs. Settling into her foster home very quickly, she showed how flexible she could be (flexible, get it!). This gorgeous girl is seeking a loving forever home to call her own.

Find out more: http://www.dogsblog.com/irina

You can find hundreds more on dog adoption site, www.dogsblog.com, sponsored by pet insurer the Co-operative Insurance, find your favourite and share far and wide to help them find a loving new home if you can’t offer a new home.

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