Q) I have read about the trend for some dog owners to impose a fast on their dogs. Is this healthy and does have any advantages?

How Fasting Can Clean Your Dog’s System From Years Of Poor Diet

If you’re one of the millions of dog owners who occasionally allow your pet to indulge in the delightful scraps from your own less than perfect diet such cheap hamburgers, hot dogs, cold cuts, semi moist sugar-preserved dog foods – or any foods containing nitrates, nitrites, aldehydes, and other assorted harmful additives – the particular pancreatic enzymes that are needed to digest the proteins in your dog’s system become depleted quite rapidly. So could your porky pet benefit from a short fast?

Meats that have been thoroughly cooked rarely contain enough live enzymes to be of any value to the dog’s digestive system.

Without enough pancreatic enzymes to digest the protein, the food begins to putrefy and can lead to pancreatitis and toxemia. We can give more food but it is not being utilized. If the body can’t use the nutrients, this is tantamount to not having them.

The body begins to feed upon itself in order to sustain life, and the animal loses weight and muscle tone in spite of the quantity of food provided. In the case of malignant tumors, the body feeds the tumor while starving itself, so the tumor grows to robust proportions while the body shrivels like a dehydrated prune.

If you suspect ill health in your pet, don’t stuff him with food, hoping that he will regain strength.

You will actually be further depleting his impaired vitality. Withholding food for a day or so will cause a revitalization of the body, because the body will have a chance to fight the impairment without the continuing added burden of processing food. This applies whether the food is wholesome or second-rate, but even more strongly when it is of poor quality.

Then the digestive organs are not working in the processing of food, they have an opportunity to apply themselves to the digestion of debris in the body.

Fasting is nature’s most perfect medicine, since the body works to rid itself of the debris, or harmful toxic matter, first, thereby effecting a most marvelous housecleaning of cells.

Cells drowning in toxic waste have no room to absorb nutrients. They must first rid themselves of this obstructing waste.

The process by which the body feeds upon and digests the debris is called autolysis. Some types of tumors or cysts can enjoy resorption into the body through this gradual, natural purification process.

If you have an older dog, the chances are that through years of dietary indiscretions, his enzymes have become somewhat depleted. Whatever sturdy stock remains can be reinforced by adding pancreatic enzymes to the diet.

This will serve to bolster the forces of protein, fat, and carbohydrate digestion, and you will be augmenting the metabolization of your animal’s food. Pancreatic enzymes can help turn the tide of sluggish digestion, enabling the digestive process to perform with much increased efficiency.

This will provide a most harmonious relationship within the digestive tract. The surplus enzymes can now effect a cleansing process by breaking up the toxic debris stored throughout the body.

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