We’ve all had experiences of different moments with our pets where we wish we’d had a camera to capture a specific moment in time. From the ridiculous to the sublime, our dogs have no doubt done it all and when it’s been caught on film, it’s something we can relive time and time again.

Thankfully, these 14 dog owners had their camera to hand when their dogs decided to take it upon themselves to have a really good shake. Not just a little one, but a fully blown hair raising, jowel shifting shake. And thank goodness they did!

But before you take a look at these wonderful dogs, please, don’t start with Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ in your head. You won’t be able to pause it, or for want of a better expression, shake it off, when you start.


1. The mid-bath shake (watch out or you’ll get soaked!)

Photo credit: MCA / Mike Allyn

2. The dog who enjoys a good shake mid-walk.

Photo credit: Bill Selak

3. The black and white slo-mo dog.

Photo credit: lovlibovli

4. The ocean break shake dog.

Photo credit: Sara Beckwith

5. The mid-play shake. Well played, Lucky. Good distraction technique!

Photo credit: ICK9S [M. H. Stephens]

6. A walk and a shake, what can be better!

Photo credit: Will Marlow

7. This dog sure loves to swim fetching his tennis ball on the way!

Photo credit: fPat Murray

8. This dog loves to make a splash!

Photo credit: Judy van der Velden

9. This dog can’t help but keep eye contact, even during a shake. Model in the making, surely.

Photo credit: Blake Danger Bentley

10. Larry loves a good shake.

Photo credit: James brown

11. We’re sensing a theme here, it’s definitely the quickest way to dry after an ocean dip! 

Photo credit: Bertie Mabootoo

12. The mid-photoshoot shake dog!

Photo credit: Les Chatfield

13. This Spaniel is certainly enjoying his outdoor shake, who can blame him?

Photo credit: blogjam_dot_org

14. This dog can’t believe we’ve come to the end of the feature!

Photo credit: SAN_DRINO



We hope we managed to brighten your day just a little and don’t forget to share your own favourite photos with us. Our new ‘Dog Wall of Shame’ is coming soon – send your entries to ‘mail@k9magazine.com’


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