We love a story with a happy ending and that’s exactly what this tale has.

Here’s how Wylie, a 6-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier found a new home as a result of technology.

Thanks to the Furbo Dog Camera, his rescue was able to help him combat his anxiety to show the real Wylie, rather than an anxious boy, pacing in his kennel, which they had been told concerned potential adopters, leaving him overlooked.

His rescue, Battersea Dogs Home credit the technology with his rehoming success. They explain why and how the treat tossing pet camera helped him to show his best self, landing him a new home in the process.

Photo Credit: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

“Handsome Wylie came into the shelter in London and was an instant hit with the staff. We could see how wonderful he was, but unfortunately, all the public saw was a dog that was pacing, barking and generally not showing himself at his best.

“Comments from the public about Wylie were all the same. They love the way he looked but thought he would be just too noisy to have in the home.

“Wiley is a smart boy, he mostly barked in kennels because he was bored, so it was time to get his brain working. We decided to teach him a trick to perform for the public making him look more attractive. The timing couldn’t be better as Valentine’s day was fast approaching.

“We decided to get Wiley to hold a bunch of red roses, that way he not only looked romantic, but his mouth was full. No barking! Once the trick was taught, we could remove the handler from kennel, and still reward Wiley picking up the flowers by using the Furbo.

“That way, Wiley was rewarded for presenting all potential adopters his flowers, and we didn’t even need to be there. He just looked like the perfect dog!

“We could also reward him remotely for calm, quiet behaviours rather than barking. Wylie found now his forever home and two month after his adoption we visited him in his new home again where he feels loved and home. He has still stopped barking and behaves like the perfect gentleman.”

The article is sponsored by Furbo Dog Camera.

Find out more about the Furbo dog camera and how it could help reward your pet, dishing out treats to your dog here

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