Our Yorkie puppy kept escaping from her crate and we couldn’t figure out how. So we set up a camera and went for dinner. when we came back this is what we saw…

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  1. Well yeah, a lot of people eat around 5 or 6 if they have a normal work schedule where they get up early, add that with summer hours it is light until like 9 or 10.

  2. Kiwi is so adorable! Yorkies are all fluff.(most times) My little Ahi(Yorkie also) looks like a min pin when I bathe her. lol  Or as my hubby calls her…a little rat. 😀

  3. While I understand the concept of crate training a puppy that young cannot hold it’s urine back no matter how small a crate you put it in. Even as they get older they can only hold their urine for short periods of time. A puppy this age should only be put in a crate that size for short lengths of time. You cannot watch a puppy to see when it has to go potty if it is shut in the crate most of the time.

  4. Cool. Funny how many ppl respond and don’t know the first thing on crate training. Educate yourself before you open your mouth on any topic in a harsh manner. Won’t sound so dumb imo

  5. crate training is good for doggies. they feel safe in them. i remember how i trained the pug i used to have to go to sleep at night in his home. he loved his crate more than any place in his house. i would just say: “Lucky, go home. Go to bed.” he was on his way and would get comfy and would go to sleep. we didn’t even have to close his crate.

  6. Please, inform me how this is animal abuse? I’m 100% sure you are younger then 10 for thinking this is abuse. Please, tell me.

  7. For everyone saying this is animal abuse, please, tell me how. It is a carrier/crate. People put there dogs in these things when they need the dog out of the way or in a safer spot when they can’t have there eye on them. They are made for dogs. Clearly has space and the dog is able to move around. I mean sure he doesn’t like it very much but he wouldn’t be in there that long. So please everyone calm down.

  8. Clever little girl! Once the head and one shoulder are through, it’s over. I know that for cats if the whiskers and head will clear then the cat will. Apparently, it’s that way for Yorkie puppies, too.

  9. You sound like a stupid white preppy girl um like um like shut the fuck up and learn how spell and talk right oh yea get you fucking eyes checked the is holes in the front of the fucking crate.Why the fuck would they make a crate for dogs with no fucking holes retard.

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