Dinner time is an extremely important time to dogs, it’s about as important as it gets to some dogs!

Some set their canine body clocks by when they’re fed (and make no adjustment to the clocks going back or forward, yes we’re talking about you, K9 Magazine’s Chloe and Mia), so it’s no surprise it’s a time of day when some owners use it as a time to reinforce training or teach new tricks.

Bubb, featured below, dances for his dinner out of sheer excitement.

Our very own Mia, for example, serenades hers (albeit out of tune) before demolishing, whereas Chloe seems to savour every mouthful and takes it much slower.

All of this leads us to wonder – just how important is dinner time to your dog? Can you judge it based on how they act before they’re fed or while they’re eating?

Let us know how your dog treats dinner time – we’d love to hear your stories!

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