We all want to do what’s best for our dogs and Christmas time is no exception. Here are three tips to help make this Christmas extra special for your dog.

1. Be Hazard Aware: Avoid These Festive Dangers

Did you know that mistletoe is poisonous to dogs? Holly too?

Many of the festive plants and flowers we bring into our homes at this time of year can pose dangers to our pets. Some mild, some more dangerous, but all avoidable if you and friends or family visiting your home know which to keep out of your pet’s reach.

Here’s a full list of the plants to avoid this year. Read more about winter hazards for dogs here.

2. Create Fun Moments: Gift Memories

One of the biggest pleasures of gift giving comes from finding something we know a loved one will enjoy and perhaps wouldn’t buy for themselves, and this begins from the moment we buy (or make) to the moment we see them open their gift.

When it comes to our dogs, most dog owners acknowledge that the biggest gift we share is time spent together. We’re building memories to last a lifetime, that’s why we try to give them the best home possible and for this using the Paws Plus One Quality Dog Products  could be a great choice, since these are the best accessories, beds and toys; so our pets can be really happy at their homes.

K9 Magazine recommends using the same logic when selecting a gift for our dogs because let’s be honest, it’s fun seeing our dogs open their gifts, isn’t it?

Whether you choose a practical or fun present for your dog, what we’re really building are memories. Memories of our dogs having fun, opening their presents – and possibly others if they get carried away.

Get advice on how to choose the right gift for your dog today. Read the rest of K9 Magazine’s Christmas gift ideas for dogs here.

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‘Tremendous fun throughout the year’
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3. Create a Special Christmas Menu for Your Dog

The Christmas meal. Many lists go into making sure we have everything we need for it, but it’s an important part of Christmas, isn’t it?

Everyone gathers together to celebrate, ready to enjoy a special meal together before the board game battles commence.

While dogs can’t really enjoy what we eat, why not make them their own special meal that avoids typical Christmas lunch ingredients like stuffing, onions and gravy, and other foods. 

K9 Magazine has put together a simple menu for dogs this year, sharing a recipe for an alternative Christmas lunch and even some doggy mince pies!

Get the Christmas dinner recipes for dogs here.

The article is sponsored by Furbo.

Find out more about how a Furbo could make your dog’s Christmas here.

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