You’ve got a new puppy. The breeder or rescue where you got your puppy from has given you an information sheet on all the things you need to know about caring for the canine youngster. But you are desperate to do the absolute best by your pup so you start asking questions about what you can or cannot feed puppy to give them the perfect start in life. One of the common questions new dog owners ask is, is goats milk good for puppies? Well, read on.


Is Goats Milk Good For Puppies? These Pups Would Say Yes!

Five adorable Jack Russell puppies are the picture of health after their lives were saved by St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk, after they lost their mum.

Animal lover Lorraine Wright, who nurtured the puppies, along with her amazing story, are to be featured on more than half a million St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk cartons, nationwide during February.

The puppies’ chances of surviving were very slim when they were first born in October. Their mum Georgie had to have an emergency caesarean and sadly died three days later due to complications.

Lorraine, from Shepton Mallet, took over the maternal role but was fearful of losing the tiny dogs when they became seriously ill after drinking formula cows’ milk.

In a desperate attempt to save them Lorraine searched the internet for help and found that goats’ milk had been successfully given to orphaned pups. She was sceptical but decided to give it a go as time was running out fast.

She lovingly bottle fed the pups every two hours, day and night, using St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk and probiotic goats’ yogurt.

Lorraine was using litres of milk and large cartons of yogurt every day as she tried to build up their strength using what she dubbed ‘The St Helen’s Farm Goats Milk Mix.’

The pups enjoyed the taste, gulped it down and slowly but surely their weight began to climb.

Now almost six months on the puppies are in the best of health and still enjoying the ‘St Helen’s Goats Milk Mix’ with their food.

It’s not only the puppies that are enjoying the benefits of goats’ milk though, Lorraine has a mild intolerance to dairy products and now uses goats’ milk in her daily porridge too.

She loves the taste and it has replaced the rice milk she had previously used. Her mum is also a convert and another fan, after discovering she loved the taste.

Lorraine says the Jack Russells – Lavender, Brutus, Lottie, Toki and Fonz – could have died had they not been saved by goats milk.

“I really thought the puppies were doomed. What happened to their mum was awful and I was beside myself with worry when they lost weight so dramatically on cows’ milk.

I panicked and realised I had to do something quickly to save them. Some people said if I had one puppy at the end of week three it would be a remarkable achievement, but I felt determined to do the best I could for Georgie and try and save all of them.

It was a frantic, worrying time hand rearing them all the way through to the New Year but all I can say is St Helen’s Farm is fantastic.

The fact that all five puppies are here today full of life says everything; I can never thank the farm enough.

I have even had other animal lovers and experts asking me about the St Helen’s Goats’ Mix, they are keen to use it themselves to help orphaned animals.”

Yorkshire based St Helen’s Farm heard about the puppies when Lorraine wrote and told them about her positive experience with the milk and the farm decided to feature Lorraine and her story on the cartons in February.

St Helen’s Farm spokesperson Mike Hind comments:

“We were intrigued to hear Lorraine’s tale about her Jack Russell pups that are now thriving on our goats’ milk. After a very precarious start to life, all five pups had to be hand reared.

They loved the taste of goats’ milk and have also developed a liking for our probiotic natural yogurt. Well done to all the pups, we are delighted with their success. We would be thrilled to hear from anyone else who has used our range to help animals as well as humans!”

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