At K9 Magazine we regularly bring our dogs into the office. Christopher, Mia and Danny are given their weekly tasks of eating lunches, warming feet and reviewing different pet products and they carry them out with gusto.

So are there any downsides to bringing your dog into the office? Well, it depends.

As a puppy, Mia once interrupted an interview we were doing with Hollyoaks/Corrie’s Chris Fountain. The interview took place at an unexpected time so without having the chance to move into a calm, quiet office it took place at lunchtime with colleagues surrounding. Mia, spotting a temporarily unoccupied desk with a yoghurt sitting waiting it’s own to return, ventured up for a quick look. One lick led to another and it was gone, mostly all over the desk and her face, but gone nonetheless.  Sitting opposite, with a mixture of shame, embarrassment and amusement, I couldn’t catch my colleagues attention so had to carry on regardless.

But Mia’s not the only one who’s found herself unable to resist the lures of lunches.

A rare moment sharing a bed captured

In her younger days, Chloe arrived in the office to find a colleague arriving for the day ahead with his laptop carrier in hand, sandwiches safely tucked away inside. You would assume a zip might be enough to keep them safe so while chatting in the kitchen about the day ahead, we were all surprised to see Chloe disappear to his office and then re-appear with the sandwiches in tow. Not eaten, to her credit, but still in tow all the same. We’ll never know how she managed to unzip that bag.

Another tale?

Here’s another Chloe corker.

They day started the same. The phone rang in our editor, Ryan’s, office, he answered but wanted to transfer so left his office, where Chloe was sleeping, and went to another room to pick up.

While there, and chatting with a fellow director he heard heavy breathing down the line. Aware it wasn’t who he was speaking to, he carried on regardless all while the cogs were turning to work out what was going on.

Ryan soon realised he hadn’t put the phone down in his office and Chloe, having woken and found herself alone, heard voices but couldn’t see anyone around. With her investigative hat on, she soon discovered the source of the sound after sniffing the handset which Ryan hadn’t replaced.

These stories will remain with us, and with the colleagues who lost, or almost lost, their lunches. This post is dedicated to those memories of sandwiches and yoghurts lost, directors confused by heavy breathing and most of all the dogs who created the memories for us to share. Having been able to spend those extra hours of what we know are relatively short lives, means the world and the benefits dogs bring to our offices daily, we hope is returned to them in the company they share.

Next week, in celebration of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, K9 Magazine’s trio as well as Buster the cat will be reviewing both the Pawsome gift box (for dogs) and the Purrfect gift box (for cats). As they tuck into their treats inside, at least we can say with confidence next week, no lunches will be harmed. Thank you Animal Box!

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is run by HOWND in aid of London dog charity, All Dogs Matter. To donate, please visit

Share your own funny stories of bringing your dog into the office below or share your photos with us on Facebook @K9Mag or Twitter @K9Magazine – we’d love to hear from you!

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