Dog owners are being reminded by veterinary professionals to stay lungworm aware this Autumn. 

Slugs, snails and even frogs can pass on the deadly parasite and dogs don’t even have to come into direct contact to pick the parasite up. Eating grass, drinking from puddles or playing with toys left outdoors that the animals may have come into contact with puts dogs at risk.

What is a Lungworm?

Lungworm, also known as angiostrongylus vasorum, can be fatal. The parasite mainly affects dogs but cats and other animals can be affected.

Symptoms of Lungworm in Dogs

Pet expert Rosie Skinner tells K9 Magazine:

“Signs are similar to those in dogs who have eaten rat poison. Bleeding can occur into the abdomen, chest, central nervous system, gut, bladder and under the skin – pretty much anywhere. Bleeding into the central nervous system can cause seizures and neurological problems which are not always reversible.

“The levels of bleeding can be dramatic and rapidly fatal, especially if the dog is bleeding externally through a small cut or into the abdomen or chest cavities.  The amount of bleeding that can occur through the smallest of wounds in the absence of normal clotting can be vast.  It is not fully understood how the parasite causes the problems with blood clotting.”

Read more from K9 Magazine about the dangers of lungworm in dogs



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