Becki Bailey, 29, was in denial for many years after finding out she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of just 18. The condition affects her on a daily basis, she has to look very carefully at her diet and think about the food she is going to eat and how it will affect her blood sugar levels, being insulin dependent, she always has to ensure she has insulin at hand. Although all diabetics have to deal with the potential of having a hypo, Becki is pregnant and hypos are common during this time.

Becki’s partner is often away on business, so she has been finding it extremely lonely being pregnant and at home on her own. Luckily for Becki, she owns a very loveable Staffy called Lulu who keeps her company. Although having a hypo when on your own can be scary, Becki feels much better knowing that she has Lulu there by her side to support her.

dog helps owner cope with diabetes

Lulu can sense when Becki is experiencing an insulin reaction, and will quickly go straight to her side and stay with her until she is feeling better. Even when Becki does not have any awareness that she will experience a hypo, her clever little staffy will always alert her by constantly nudging her or nibbling at her clothing until she realises what’s happening.

Becki was working in a care home when she overheard someone talking about trying to re-home some staffy puppies, and jokingly agreed that she would take one if they were struggling to find them homes. Later she received a phone call and was offered a female puppy, which she said yes straight away to. Becki fell instantly in love with Lulu, and described her as a ‘big ball of energy’. Lulu brought out her loving, caring nature from the day she was brought home. She will always pick up on people’s emotions, and whether it be sadness or happiness, Lulu will be there by your side straight away. Although staffies are a type of breed that people are very quick to judge, you rarely hear about the good things they do. Becki describes Lulu as a human’s best friend, and will always be there for her when she is needed.

staffordshire bull terrier helps owner cope with diabetes

Lulu has always been a very obedient dog from day one of being in Becki’s life. She has never had any formal training because she has never needed it! Although she has never had training, Lulu has managed to pick up tricks that would sometimes require a large amount of training to some dogs, such as being able to sit, stay, walking on a lead and returning to Becki after being let off the lead.

Becki is a regular user of patient to patient forum which she uses to share stories and swap experiences with the diabetic community.

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