Today it has been announced that the ‘For the Love of Dogs’ TV presenter, Paul O’Grady, has become the latest celebrity to add his voice to the For Life On Earth (FLOE) led Open Letter to Prof. Colin Blakemore – infamous for sewing kitten’s eyes shut and Britain’s main advocate for experiments on dogs, cats and other animals.

The Open Letter was first published by us in October and calls for Prof. Blakemore to agree to debate his claims – that experiments on animals can predict the responses of human patients – in a rigorous public science hearing.

The debate will be judged by independent experts from the relevant fields of science; its debate conditions are endorsed as “well set out and fair” by Michael Mansfield QC, Britain’s foremost human rights defence barrister.

Over 3,500 UK dogs are suffering as a result of nearly 5,000 animal experiments being carried out

Louise Owen, Founder and Director of FLOE told K9 Magazine, “We are absolutely delighted that Paul has signed this Open Letter; his presence brings a very special commitment on behalf of dogs, and indeed their humans.

“The latest Home Office statistics from 2016 show that 4,932 experiments were carried out on 3,530 dogs in the UK alone: toxicity tests typically involve dogs being force-fed chemicals in experiments lasting up to ninety days, with no pain relief or anaesthetic.

“Such experiments are now proven to also fail the search for human treatments and cures, as reported by the Editor in Chief at the British Medical Journal.

“We hope that people will share Paul’s signature on this letter, so that a terrifying issue for dogs – happening right here on our doorstep, in the UK – becomes a national voice for immediate action, to enable current scientific evidence to judge and end these experiments, once and for all.”

Paul’s signature joins fellow concerned animal-loving celebrities including Paul O’Grady, Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham, Peter Egan, Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, Lesley Nicol, Jane Fallon, Rumer, Jill Robinson MBE and Rick Wakeman.

You can read the open letter in full here:

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  1. there is No excuse for those animal experiments, the same things should be done to the morons who do these cruel things to these poor animals.

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