Every election, millions are spent polling Americans to predict the future president but there’s one sure way that’s far less expensive and perhaps more accurate.

Just look at who man’s best friend is supporting during election time.

“We’ve been manufacturing popular dog election T-shirts and other gear since 2008 and we’ve been able to accurately predict the next President every time,” said Mirage Pet Products owner Stephanie Davis.

Owners can get their pooches ready for the political season with doggy ties, toys, T-shirts, bandanas, harnesses, collars, and even dresses supporting either Biden, Trump, the Democrats, or the Republican party. All political dog products are made in the U.S.

Mirage Pet Products manufactures about 100,000 original products such as dog and cat collars, pet apparel, leashes, toys and all sorts of fun stuff for pets. They sell to stores on every continent except Antarctica.

The family-owned American business has been operating for six generations.

“My great-great-grandparents all the way to my kids have worked here. My grandparents started working here as teenagers when it was a belt manufacturing facility. One day a customer came in and asked if they could put crystals in a dog collar like they did for belts,” said Davis.

When the original owner retired, her grandparents bought the company. Ever since, the company has been growing and she attributes the success to her loyal employees and customers.

“We treat our staff well. That’s a lesson that I learned from my grandparents. It makes a huge difference in the success or failure of a business. We are as flexible as we can be. We pay them as much as we can. For both our employees and customers, we listen and value their feedback in how the company runs. Most of our best ideas have come from our customers and staff.

“We enjoy what we do. Most of our revenue comes from small independent businesses. Our core base is the mom and pop shops – we love working with them. It’s rewarding to work with a family to put food on the table and make dreams happen,” said Davis.

Her business has been affected just like any other business during the pandemic except with a double whammy. They were also recovering from a devastating fire last year when the pandemic hit. So, they really understand the hardships that their partners are going through.

“We’ve got several different projects in the works to try and help pet stores that are re-opening. A lot of times customers will call saying here’s our situation and we’ll do our best to help them,” said Davis.

Davies believes her company has a leg up on the competition because they’re small and able to change quickly to customer needs. Being the manufacturer as opposed to a middle-man, allows them to change quickly if someone needs something different or if things need to be improved.

During these COVID times, a lot of animal charities, pet rescue and animal shelter organizations have lost important funding opportunities. Dinners and live events that were so crucial are not happening because of pandemic gathering restrictions.

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