Looking for fun games that your puppy can enjoy? Check out these tantalizing activities that you can get a puppy of any age involved in.

Grooming Made Fun

Probably one of the most important things to do is groom and brush your puppy. So what better way to start on the right foot than to make it a pleasant experience?

It is important to teach skills like staying in place. Also of great importance is to get the puppy used to being touched all over and yet be relaxed the entire time. This grooming/touching procedure will create a tight bond while allowing the owner to maintain dominance over the puppy as it grows into an adult.

This is important since there will always be nails to cut and teeth to clean, as well as rules to follow. Fun grooming practice builds a foundation tolerance within the young pup.

It’s Circus Time!

Puppies like jumping so why not play bar jumping games, just like they do at the circus?

The first thing to do is walk over the jump with your puppy. The pup will probably follow at your side. If the puppy doesn’t want to go over the jump with you then encourage your puppy over the jump with a treat. Be sure to start with the jump on the ground, then increase the height as the dog’s skill level develops.

Hide & Seek, What A Classic

Who doesn’t like hide and seek?

Playing hide and seek with your puppy can be loads of fun while at the same time introduces the puppy to the come command.

First you need to have a leashed trained pup or one that can obey the sit/stay commands. Put the leash and have a friend hold the puppy, or if the pup can obey the sit/stay command without a leash then that is just fine.

Hide close by, like behind an open door or a small piece of furniture. If playing outside then get behind a bush or tree. After a short amount of time, call the puppy in a playful tone of voice. Make certain that the leash is not being held.

Once your pup finds you, give him a treat and/or simply tell him how good he is and love him.
You should attempt to move farther away and making finding you more difficult as your pup’s skill increases.

Let’s Go On A Treasure Hunt!

Finding toys and objects is another classic activity that can be fun for your puppy.

First, put your pup on a leash and tie it securely to a chair. Then place many toys and other objects on the floor while the puppy watches.

Now go see your puppy, but have a toy that your pup likes in your hand. Just hold it while the pup observes for a minute and then toss it into the pile of stuff you made on the floor. Now let your puppy go and say repeatedly “Fetch, boy Fetch!”

When he goes to hunt down the toy you were showing him be sure to give positive reinforcement and lots praise. Eventually you will be able to have your puppy sniff one object for a few seconds and literally dig it out of anywhere you hide it.

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