Senator Bob Dole has revealed he has spoken with President-Elect Donald Trump and will be advising him to get a dog when he moves into the White House next year.

The newly elected President doesn’t own a dog and as K9 Magazine has previously shared, history is littered with leaders and their dogs, especially in the White House which will say goodbye to Bo and Sunny when the Obamas move out.

Senator Dole’s own dog, Leader, regularly accompanied him to work (pictured below) and along with his wife, they have owned many dogs for years. Indeed, Leader II was honoured by the Doles with a birthday party in 2012 commemorating his 13th birthday with a party for friends and family, including the couple’s 16 other dogs.

Photo Credit: Robert J. Dole Archive and Special Collections

Speaking at the ASPCA awards where he was honoured with their Presidential Service Award, Senator Dole said: “I didn’t realize when I was elected to Congress in 1961 that you could do things that would make a difference for animals — these poor defenseless creatures that are being mistreated.”

Photo Credit: ASPCA

With 35 years in Congress and experience as a decorated soldier, former Senator Bob Dole is well known for serving his country, but is perhaps less well known, until now, for he used his time in public office to help animals in need.

While in office, Dole championed humane legislation, advocated for animals in crisis, and brought critical attention to important animal issues.

In 1974, after learning the U.S. Army experimented with toxic chemicals on beagles, Dole introduced a bill outlawing the practice. He championed important amendments to the Humane Slaughter Act, which mandated unprecedented humane standards and inspections for facilities producing meat for the public. In 1984, he was awarded the ASPCA Award for Humane Excellence for his consistent commitment to protecting vulnerable animals in the U.S.

Since his retirement from politics in 1996, the 93-year-old has remained active in the animal welfare cause, advocating for a permanent ban on horse slaughter, protecting the pets of domestic violence victims, and condemning the barbaric treatment of farm animals at the USDA’s U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC).

His advocacy helped encourage Congress to take action to ensure the facility’s compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. As recently as July, Dole graciously participated in a series of ASPCA events in Washington D.C. that showcase the selfless work of our nation’s animal shelters and the importance of passing key animal welfare legislation.

Here’s why animals are so important to him and how it all began for Senator Dole.

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