Here at K9 Magazine we’d love to be able to officially declare that our readers have THE smartest dogs in the world. So here’s a little canine intelligence test we’d like you to carry out to help us:

Things you’ll need to do this test
– An empty can, like a soup can or other light weight tin (no sharp edges)
– A treat your dog likes to eat, a piece of cheese or a small piece of sausage
– A stop watch or timer (most smart phones have a stop watch feature)

How to do the test
1. First sit your dog.
2. Then show the dog the titbit of food and let the get a good sniff of it.
3. Then with the dog’s full attention slowly place the treat on the ground and hide it under the can
4. Start timing and encourage the dog to get the food.
5. Let us know how quickly your dog was able to get to the food

Scoring System:
Less than 5 seconds 5 points
5 to 15 seconds 4 points
15 to 30 seconds 3 points
30 to 60 seconds 2 points
More than 60 seconds 1 point

Feel like uploading a video to YouTube of your dog taking the test? Email us the link at

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