Victory is being declared by an animal welfare organisation as the news of South Korea’s most infamous dog meat market is shut down amidst research which shows public opposition to the dog meat trade within South Korea is at an all time high with almost half of South Koreans seeking a ban on the practice altogether.

Dog once saved from a dog meat market in South Korea flying to new home in the USA / Photo Credit: In Defense of Animals

Animal welfare organisation, In Defense of Animals, has welcomed the news that the Moran Livestock Association, South Korea’s biggest livestock market, and Seongnam City have agreed to stop the slaughter, confinement, and sale of dogs, therefore stopping the trade at its core.

“The closure of Korea’s most infamous dog meat market at Moran deals a significant blow to the heart of the dog meat trade,” said In Defense of Animals President, Dr Marilyn Kroplick.

“We thank Seongnam city officials and Mayor, Jae Myung Lee, for taking a humane position. Moran market has run with the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs for many years, so this is a step in the right direction in our fight to end the horrific dog meat trade. However, we expect the dog butchers to set up their dirty business elsewhere, so In Defense of Animals will remain vigilant and will not rest until we take dog meat off the menu for good.”

More dogs saved from the dog meat trade in South Korea ready for a life of safety / Photo Credit: In Defense of Animals

In Defense of Animals has campaigned for many years to close Moran market, which sells (or sold) 80,000 dogs a year, citing blatant violations of animal welfare laws and brutal killings of which dogs, often next to cages packed full of live dogs.

Although this is a positive step forward in the fight to end the horrific dog meat trade, In Defense of Animals urges caution. The city of Seongnam has committed to support dog meat vendors to venture into other trades, but the dog butchers may take their business elsewhere. In Defense of Animals will not be satisfied until dog meat is ended entirely.


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