A rescue dog named Summer has been stolen from her garden in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire.

The dog, who was in the garden with two other family dogs after eating tea, may have been missing for up to 30 minutes before her collar, found hanging by the fence, where there was a small hole barely big enough for her to get through and looked undisturbed.

Her owners tell us Summer was born a street dog in Cyprus where she was rescued by a charity before being brought to the UK to find a loving new forever home. She is a friendly, playful girl and bonded quickly with her new family including the two family dogs. She is a striking looking girl, thought to be a Kooikerhondje cross.

Lauren Haylor, her owner says, “Our garden has been dog proofed for 30 years. Opening the gate, I quickly checked Queens Ann’s Ride, (which backs onto our house) calling her name, although she’s a curious dog she has never ventured out of sight.  But again there was no sign.  We continued searching the area well into the night but had to call off the search when it became to dark.  That night, it devastated us to shut the door and leave her bed outside with the gate open, in the hope she’d come running home in the night. We had a sleepless night checking outside every couple of hours but at 6am she hadn’t returned.

Our search continued straight away, posters, leaflets, vets, rescue centres, dog walkers, grooming parlours, walks into the woods, but no luck.  We’ve set up a Facebook page with all her photos, information and posters in the hope someone may have some information, sighting or report. Having contacted the council, street clean, local residents, dog walkers and farmers not one person can verify this, so we remain ever hopeful that it wasn’t her. We have even looked at local CCTV to see if we could see her or anything suspicious in the hours that followed her going missing.”

Lauren continues, “It honestly feels like she vanished into thin air.  But we remain hopeful and optimistic and we will continue searching for her far and wide until we find her. However there is a void in our lives that cannot be filled without Our Beautiful Summer.”

Her family are desperate for her return and are asking anyone with information to share news or sightings with them. You can find details on their page, Facebook.com/FindOurSummerDog or contact numbers are shown on the poster above. If you can help or share to spread the message, please do.

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