Naturewatch Foundation has released a short documentary to help potential dog owners get a dog safely and responsibly. The animal welfare charity has released the film ‘Thinking of getting a puppy?’ to celebrate the three-year anniversary of its puppy farming hotline.

Naturewatch Foundation campaigns on a number of animal welfare issues including against illegal puppy farming in the UK. Their work to tackle illegal dog breeding prompted the opening of their busy reporting hotline in June 2019.

Naturewatch Foundation has received over 1,000 reports about suspected puppy farming since the hotline’s launch. Concerned by a rise in low-welfare breeding during the pandemic, the charity created a short documentary to help the public avoid unscrupulous breeders.
Mostly filmed locally to the Cheltenham-based charity, this film has been produced entirely by dedicated volunteers from the Bristol Wildlife Filming Society.

The film follows Alex Collins, a filmmaker looking to get a puppy. Alex speaks to suspected victim of puppy farming, a veterinary surgeon and a rescue dog adopter about their experiences. Viewers will learn about the risks of buying a puppy from an unreputable source. They will hear about the emotional and financial costs that come with buying a puppy online, as well as learn about the importance of proper research before getting a dog.

The film also covers some of the common mistakes that can lead to people getting a dog from an unreputable source, and how these can be avoided.

Campaigns Assistant, Natasha Wright, who helped produce the film, said, “We hope that, alongside our other advice and campaigns, this video will help people to get a dog safely without inadvertently supporting a puppy farm.”

‘Thinking of getting a puppy?’, is available to watch online now.

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