A big, buffy head.

Paws as big as saucepans.

Neck fur that would make Hoth Wamper jealous.

Say hello to the Rottweiler x Newfoundland – the Rottland….


ready for it?








here goes..


(totally worth it, right?)

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  1. Is this “rottland” a deliberate cross? These so called designer dogs are a travesty. Even the originator of the Labradoodle regrets his foray into this world of mongrels no matter how appealing they might be

  2. The vast majority, if not all, of the AKC recognized breeds started as a cross if you look far enough back.
    So the purebreds started as mutts, mongrels, or whatever it takes to want to put on them. Some of the designer dogs of today may well be considered purebreds 5100 years from now.

  3. I have three newfounlands and Rottweiler mixed puppies. They are the most loving dogs and loyal. Lady I got them from obviously did not know crap about dogs or brought the wrongs to me she said they were lab and boxer. Well little did I know what I had and would not trade my babies for anything.

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