Meet Twinkie, a Jack Russell Terrier from California. She’s a dog like any other, except she comes from a long (ish) line of dogs who LOVE to burst Guinness World Records. And balloons.

Twinkie smashed her attempt popping all 100 red balloons in just 39.08 seconds, beating the previous record of 41.67 seconds which had been held by Cally The Wonder Dog, who shot to fame on the TV talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Watch the Video

Twinkie is the daughter of Anastacia who set and broke the record twice between 2005 and 2008 and held onto her record for seven years demonstrating her talent on TV shows across the States.

Cally The Wonder Dog gracefully congratulated the tenacious Terrier on Facebook saying, “Congratulations to the new GWR holder back in America – nice to be balloon popping and what fun! I am now retired and relaxing on my dog yacht. With all the popping and my earnings I made in my year as holder it’s time I hung up my claws.”

So it seems we don’t need to worry about a US vs USA battle. Or do we…could your dog be a contender for next year?

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