According to research, dogs sleeping in the bedroom is actually good for you and good for them, but for many owners it’s difficult to cope when a dog won’t sleep through the night.

Dogs, just like us, need high quality sleep in order to function, be healthy and happy, so a lack of sleep is not good for them.

If a dog is not sleeping through the night, there are a few issues that could be at play:

1. Are they needing the toilet? If so, is their an underlying medical issue that needs to be looked at by a vet?

2. They are being disturbed by a noise in the home, maybe a timed event such as central heating being turned on or off?

3. Are they experiencing discomfort, if so, what?

4. Are they – now wait for it – being disturbed by you or another human in the home? Some people are prone to loud snoring or sleep talking / shouting, which could in turn be waking the dog up and causing them to be agitated?

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