PetSafe® is offering a lucky reader the chance to win a Wag ‘n’ Work prize bundle to keep your dog engaged, entertained and hydrated.

Taking your dog to work has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing employee stress levels and pet product expert, PetSafe, wants to make sure that dogs feel as comfortable as their human counter-parts when in a work environment.

busy buddy dog toy

Designed to stimulate and reward, Busy Buddy® treat holding and dispensing toys help re-direct potentially destructive behaviours, engaging your dog in positive playtime by appealing to your pet’s innate need to play. The Busy Buddy BarnacleTM is designed to randomly dispense goodies during play. The Barnacle is made up of a number of chambers, giving you the option to fill each with different snacks.

Keeping your dog hydrated whilst at work can often prove a challenging task. The Drinkwell® 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain from PetSafe offers the perfect solution for pet hydration. Boasting five separate water outlets, which can be used for multiple pets, the Fountain creates free-flowing streams of water- enticing your dog to drink more throughout the day.

dog water fountain

Worried about your pet pulling on the busy walk on the way to work? The Easy WalkTM Harness has been designed to gently discourage dogs from pulling andunlike traditional harnesses, the Easy Walk Harness does not cause coughing, gagging or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone providing maximum comfort for your dog.

dog easy harness

To enter and win one of the goody bags available, please just comment here leaving your name and your dog’s name letting us know how your dog helps you at work – whether eating someone’s sandwiches (K9 Magazine’s Chloe!) or stealing someone’s yogurt (Chloe’s accomplice, Mia!), or something far more helpful – comment and let us know. Leave your email address (hidden) when you comment and we will email the winners directly.

Good luck!

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  1. Monty amuses us at work because he is forever stealing the paper out of the rubbish bin and ripping into hundreds of tiny pieces

  2. My dog (Drummer) is a Great Dane. Although loved by my boss and staff – he is of very little help at work. He does not go up stairs, and we are up a flight, so he lays at the bottom of the stairs, and trips up customers and staff, who all adore him, and he gets many pats per day, but, really, 80kgs on the bottom step is not ideal. Please if you have a distraction to help him come up the stairs – or at least lay a bit further away – this would be very welcome – by all. LOL. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. My dog Tetley (aged 18) is an absolute gem! I’m a mother/carer/writer/blogger/charity fund-raiser and he helps me immensely in my day to day life. Our morning walks help me clear my head and prepare for the day ahead … he sits beside me whilst I work (offering his velvet muzzle and ears to kiss and stroke) and our midday and evening walks are suitable breaks/wind down opportunities. The only reason Tetley’s still with us is because he’s already in Heaven! Not sure what I’d do without my bestest canine friend.

  4. Maisie & Digger my rescue dogs come to work with me at my salon, having them there means that when I feel down or get stressed I get access to lots & lots or hugs n licks to make me smile & make it through a crazy day!
    Hate leaving them alone so this way we both get what we want, which is each other!

  5. Being a herding dog Katie had a particular talent at ’rounding up’ and bringing indoors the smokers

  6. I used to have a dog called Lady that was a hearing dog – she would pull the hem of my clothes whenever someone was at the door to let me know that they were there, even though I wasn’t deaf. She was a rescue dog. As for work – well if I worked at home she’d have done the same I guess.

  7. Lucy our Labrador has been lucky to come to work with me. We visit elderly people to do office work for them and all have allowed her in. She will sit with them and let them stroke and fuss her or sleep in the office. She does get bored sometimes and wanders around. For the elderly people she is sometimes the only visitor they get who will sit and let them talk to her so she has a very important role- she listens to stories about their dogs and when they were young, and doesn’t even move. Carers have slowly accepted her being around and have noticed a change in the people.
    She also assists in finishing their lunches for them!! And they often make extra just for her

  8. I’m a full time carer for my elderly mother, so my two dogs are always at work with me! They bring so much love to my mother, who has early dementia, and she adores them both. They make my job so much easier and bring a smile to her face every day, also soothing her when she gets upset, and offering tummies to tickle to calm her.

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