With the help and support of our Ambassadors, currently 89 in 76 countries, involvement in celebrating World Animal Day (4 October) continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

From Australia to Zimbabwe, and all countries in-between, this special day was celebrated in a huge variety of ways, irrespective of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

Campaign Manager Caroline Ruane said: “On behalf of the animals, I sincerely thank everyone who got involved this year and helped make World Animal Day such a huge success. Together we made animal issues front page news around the globe! Through increased awareness and education we can create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare. Once again, thank you so much for your support of the global World Animal Day movement to raise the status of animals.”

Here are just a few links to give you a taste of some of the wonderfully inspiring events that happened around the world:

In Egypt, an end to the barbaric killing of stray animals was achieved by SPARE led by its founder Amina Abaza. This amazing accomplishment marks historical progress in the society’s ongoing fight to protect the country’s animals.

In Nairobi, Kenya, the KVA organised a march to raise awareness of World Animal Day and its Mission.

World Animal Day’s Poet in Residence, Susan Richardson, wrote a special poem for World Animal Day 2015.

In Latchington, UK, volunteers of Angel Watch Rescue & Rehome participated in a 24 hour Kennel Lock-in – no luxuries, they lived exactly as the dogs do while they wait for a new home.

In Sri Lanka, The Otara Foundation, supported by other animal welfare oranisations, used World Animal Day to encourage policymakers, parliamentarians and the President to pass a long overdue Animal Welfare Bill.

In Funda Nenga, South Africa, people marched with their dogs through the township of Mpophomeni to raise awareness of World Animal Day.

In Taipei, Taiwan, a number of events were organised by the ‘Help Save a Pet Fund ‘including a TV programme to raise awareness of World Animal Day and its mission and talks about animal welfare were presented to schoolchildren.

Also in Taipei, the team at Pet Friends Alliance celebrated this important day by hosting a responsible pet ownership workshop. A World Animal Day fair was held during which government officials and animal welfare groups signed a pledge calling for a zero euthanasia policy for abandoned animals. Hundreds of people attended the event and activities included music, performances, and a photo gallery of animals seeking new homes.

In Nairobi, Kenya, the Africa Network for Animal Welfare celebrated the day by holding free animal health clinics to provide rabies vaccinations, deworming, grooming and humane education in two venues within the suburbs of Nairobi. A total of 126 dogs and 48 cats were treated.

In Jordan, SPANA welcomed HRH Sana Asem to their World Animal Day event which included a concert by local schoolchildren, display of projects undertaken by schools and other groups to promote improved standards of animal welfare, police dog and horse displays, and free treatment of animals.

In Kharkov, Ukraine, ‘Together SPA’ held an event in the city’s central park to raise public awareness of animal issues such as the benefits of microchipping your pet and being a responsible pet owner. They also sold books about animals, held a dog training workshop and a painting workshop for kids. All the people who stopped by were able to meet a selection of dogs and cats that are available for rehoming at the society’s shelter. Also in Ukraine, a country where microchipping has yet to be introduced, a seminar was held for vets to educate them about the benefits of encouraging owners to microchip their pets.

In Budapest, Hungary, the Rex Foundation organised a full range of entertainment suitable for the entire family including including concerts, competitions, a photo contest and a presentation ceremony to recognise the work of organisations and individuals who strive to protect animals.

In Atlanta, USA, Carter and Olivia Ries, founders of ‘One More Generation’, asked students of JC Booth Middle School to sign a pledge to show they care about animals. Each student wrote their own pledge which featured on the World Animal Day Facebook page, along with pledges made by people from throughout the world who are standing up for the rights of animals.

Carter and Olivia Ries also participated in an Animal Blessing Service, organised by Father Mike Fry at the All Saints Anglican Church in Peachtree City GA. During a Skype call with the students at Hartly Elementary School in Dover DE to discuss how they could raise more awareness to the fact that so many animals need our help, the students agreed to cover Elvis, a life-size paper mache rhino, with all their World Animal Day pledges. Elvis was then used in the community’s annual parade to raise awareness of World Animal Day is needed.

In Washington, USA, an annual Animal Blessing Service is held at the National Cathedral.

In Hong Kong, &Dear invited 10 local artists to create a set of postcards to raise funds for local animal conservation and environmental organisations.

In Uganda, The Big Fix conducted a five-day free veterinary field clinic in the remote villages of Gulu District.
The organisation also organised a parade though Gulu town to raise awareness of animal issues.

In Lukla, Nepal, The local community asked HART to make the difficult journey to their village to carry out the first ever vaccination, spaying/neutering and treatment clinic. Lukla is located at an altitude of 9,383 ft and is the gateway to the famous Mount Everest trekking route. It was a huge success and HART is delighted the organisation was able to stop the community from killing the dogs by providing a practical solution.
HART also conducted a number of free veterinary outreach clinics where they provided free vaccination, neutering and treatment to dogs and cats.
This link takes you to one such clinic held at Lecknath in the outskirts of Pokhara.

In Dubai, UAE, Zabeel Veterinary Hospital participated in the official Global Wave for World Animal Day by holding its own Selfie Contest to help promote responsible pet ownership and draw attention to the plight of strays and abandoned animals in the region.

In Sydney, Australia, our Korean Ambassador Gina Moon attended a lunch at which the most senior political leaders were present. This was the perfect setting to highlight the plight of animals in both Korea and Australia. While in Sydney, Gina also attended a dinner at Parliament House where she had a second opportunity to speak about World Animal Day.

In Fremantle, Australia, a human chain of 900 animal advocates spanned the Stirling bridge for one hour on 4 October to highlight World Animal Day and the work of the organisation ‘Stop Live Exports’ to bring an end to the export of live animals to over 40 countries.

In Malaga, Australia, an 80 year old lady skydived on World Animal Day to raise money for the RSPCA and to draw attention to the huge number of animals that are mistreated.

In Chennai, India, Chinny Krishna, World Animal Day Ambassador, organised a number of Animal Blessing Services and this link takes you to one that took place at the National Shrine of St Thomas.

In Coimbatore, India, another series of special prayers for animals were organised by Animal Rescuers.

In New Delhi, India Friendicoes NGO held a stall in a school to raise awareness and funds. Leaflets about World Animal Day were distributed and posters were displayed around the school.

In Jalpaiguri, India, the Nature and Animal Lover Organisation held an event to help street animals.

In Mumbai, India, members of Navi AP and members of the public held a candlelit rally on World Animal Day to draw attention to an horrendous act of animal cruelty that had taken place locally,

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the third annual Animal Blessing Service took place at the Cathedral followed by a march from the Cathedral to the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi to raise awareness of the plight of suffering animals, not only in Bolivia but throughout the world. A selfie contest was also held in support of the official Global Wave for World Animal Day.

In Borneo, Malaysia, 2,600 people took part in a 10km wild run and 3km pet run at the Likas Sports Complex which was one of the activities organised by Valiant Events and Wildlife Alliance, with the support of other animal welfare organisations, to commemorate World Animal Day.

In Bucharest, Romania, a family event was held which included a number of activities designed to teach the basic rules of caring for a pet in an interesting way.

In New Zealand, SPCA Auckland held a Great Animal Walk followed by a Blessing of the Animals.

In Manila, Philippines, children and animals participated in a colourful catwalk fashion show which was followed by an animal blessing service.

In Cyprus, Argos organised a Family Fun Day at its sanctuary to fundraise and draw attention to the organisation’s animal welfare work. There were stalls, a huge raffle and activities for all. The event attracted a wonderful turnout and many people brought along pets they’d adopted from the Argos shelter.

In Kurdistan, Iraq, our Ambassador Sulaiman Tamer organised a number of events including conducting media interviews, and holding educational workshops in schools.

In Liberia, Africa, World Animal Day is used by LAWCS to highlight the plight of the country’s animals. The organisation, led by Morris Darbo, World Animal Day Ambassador, organised a teacher training programme, provided free veterinary services for companion animals and conducted a Children-Animal Interaction Programme.

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, a public talk was organised by Dharma Voices for Animals on the importance of introducing animal protection education into the school curriculum. Children are the future which makes it vital to teach them to care for and respect animals from a young age.

The Animal Protection Network of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA, used World Animal Day to call upon supporters of Chimpanzee’s to unite and provided five ways for them to take action.

In Louisiana, USA, World Animal Day was used to highlight the fact that the fight continues to free Tony the Tiger who has lived all of his 15 years as a roadside attraction at a truck stop.

In George Town, Cayman Islands, a Fun Doggy Beach Day was organised with the opportunity to take a shelter dog for some swimming and fun if you didn’t have a dog of your own.

In Matamoros, Mexico, an animal health day was organised by Animalista Amor.

In Kragujevac, Serbia, a rehoming event was held which included fundraising and the collection of donated items for the benefit of a local animal shelter. A World Animal Day celebration was also held in a local park with a similar event taking place in Nis, Serbia.

In Pancevo, Serbia, a Dog Fest was held at the largest shopping mall in the country. Celebrity guests talked to visitors about the animals in their lives and abandoned animals were rehomed. Also, the Nature TV channel broadcast a number of shows about animal protection and conservation.

Also in Pancevo, The SPA Ljubimci published a virtual map of the city showing pet and animal friendly locations. The society also hosted a Vegan Dish tasting evening and visitors were asked to make a donation of food for abandoned animals or pay for a sterilization operation. A School Art Competition was organised dedicated to a dog called Leo who saved a little girl from being attacked in the city. The best entries were displayed in a local gallery before the winners were announced. The competition was also used to promote responsible pet ownership. Ambassador for World Animal Day in Serbia, Ivan Kurajov, presented animal welfare awards to two national companies who have made extraordinary efforts to promote animal welfare in the past year.

In Chisinau, Moldova, a wonderful concert was held in the city’s Philharmonic Hall with the very best Moldovan singers coming together to stand united for stray animals.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, school pupils in Velika Kladusa participated in a series of activities to show their love for animals including a drawing competition, film shows and dancing.

In Indonesia, a World Animal Day parade was held followed by a Festival to draw attention to animal issues.

In Stockholm, Sweden, animal rights take centre stage!

In Canada, an event was held to raise funds to help save dogs from the meat trade.

In Melbourne, Australia, a march took place against the illegal ivory trade. In Atlanta, USA, a similar march was organised.
And in London, UK.

In Los Angeles, USA, a peaceful march and protest took place to Stop Yulin Forever.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, the Animal Rights Alliance organised a demonstration against the fur industry.

In Honduras, AHPRA organised a World Animal Day festival to raise awareness of animal issues and to promote World Animal Day.

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These events held in celebration of World Animal Day 2015 are but a handful! More can be found on www.worldanimalday.org.uk in countries such as Venezuela, Costa Rica, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Australia, Malta, Finland, Pakistan, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore, France, Nepal, Serbia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Cyprus, Tanzania, Egypt, Malaysia and Panama. In addition, simply hundreds of Animal Blessing Services were held around the globe and even more World Animal Day events can be found via a Google search.

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