On 7th June a petition made its way to the Chinese Embassy in London. The petition, which featured 11 million signatures urging the ban of the Yulin dog meat festival has gathered much support from celebrities and dog lovers alike online across the globe, all united in their disgust at the country’s tradition.

Mr Rob Flello, an Stoke-on-Trent MP, shared the news alongside a photograph of him on the doorstep of the embassy attempting delivery.

Alongside Mr Flello celebrities, including Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher and her dog Gary, dog behaviourist Victoria Stilwell, singer songwriter Sandi Thom, actress Jenny Seagrove and Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and her dog Digby, all attended the protest arranged by the Humane Society International/UK to raise awareness to the cause.

Pictured above, Carrie Fisher and Gary

Pictured above, Jenny Seagrove and her Spaniel, alongside Lucy Watson and Digby

Most people in China don’t eat dogs, and as the Yulin festival approaches, protests and candlelit vigils are expected to take place across the country. On 14 May in China’s city of Dalian, 100,000 people protested against the Yulin festival. Dog lovers in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian are increasingly angered by dog thieves who steal their pets for the meat trade and so it’s disappointing their embassy in the UK refused to accept.

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    1. That is the truth, why don’t the people just beat these ugly pathetic excuses for human beings , they should be tortured , how can a country allow this horrible massacre ti take place and it makes no sense to have all this suffering for some creepy thugs that should be out to death because the earth had no need for them, who cares about how they feel after they eat these beautiful animals , the deserve nothing but disease that will take them slowly and with a lot of pain. China is a country that has no regard for life if any kind and we should not do business with them, the people in yulin need to be sucked up and dropped at the bottom of earth , hate them, useless ugly people, they smile while these animals die, everybody should care, suffering is the same gir all

  2. What can I say or add to the rest of the comments here.
    Is the chinese embassy embarrassed cowards or ignorant and vold hearted to the cause which is paramount cos the petitions tells the bigger picture globally! !

  3. Dieren moeten beschermd worden die horen niet veroord te worden op geen enkele manier,als ze zo gelovig zijn zoals ze zich voordoen dan gaan ze helemaal tegen de wil van hun God in,die heeft de dieren geschapen om er voor te zorgen de wereld mooier te maken voor ons,hoe zou d wereld er uit zien als we alleen maar tegen mensen aan kijken,daar word je ook niet vrolijk van.

  4. This is just awful and anyone that doesn’t think that is just wicked these are living creatures the same as you or me how can they be so inhuman

    1. All who eat meat, eggs, dairy, wear leather, go to zoos etc are barbarians. Watch ‘Earthlings’ on You tube. It’s not fair to point fingers if you use ANY animals in ANY way. If we truly love animals we will become vegan.

      1. Got to agree go vegan every country , but remember to look at which ever country you’re in WE ALL HAVE OUR SCUM {NOT ALL THE PEOPLE ARE BAD} A LOT IS DOWN TO GOVERNMENTS NOT RULING FOR ALL BUT SIDING WITH THE WEALTHY and once again NOT ALL THE RICH ARE BAD!!

  5. China have zero empathy for animals…they seem to enjoy seeing them suffer. Unfortunately, they think the ‘white man’ is telling the ‘yellow’ man what to do and they don’t take kindly to that. The fact they wouldn’t even accept the petition says it all….they have no intention of stopping it. The whole country, along with the likes if Vietnam and Indonesia should have a nuclear bomb dropped on it. I am dreading 21st June as I know there are hundreds of dogs waiting to be tortured by these savages.

    1. Not all chinese are like that. So don*t say that. I am living in China and all my chinese friends are against mistreating animals. How can you wish dropping a nuclear bomb on a country ? It is a terrible thing to say.


  7. We should ban all China’s products in the uk.dont buy any take ways from them.make them go back to china,we dont want any more evil people in the Uk. We need support from higher goverment to get involved. Does our goverment not care what these slantie eyes chineese people are doing to dogs and cats.

  8. China embassy says it right out, who cares what anyone else thinks, we are going to do what we want. Dear GOD, WE ARE THE VOICE FOR YOUR ANIMALS, THEY WILL NOT STOP. IN JESUS CHRIST NAME, WORK IN MANY TO PUT A STOP TO.THIS NOW. PRAYERS IN NUMBERS PLEASE. AMEN.

  9. Please, it is unfair to say all Chinese people are barbariens. There are some very good people fighting this as much as the rest of the world.
    The biggest problem is the corrupt juridiscal system. They close their eyes to anything that they feel is not worth their efforts.
    I do not buy anything that comes from these countries. If more people would do that, for sure it would get their attention.

    1. I agree with what you’re saying. But, a country that allows parents to leave their daughters on the roadside to die.
      What kind of person allows this to go on.
      A full scale boycott of goods made in China. Stop other countries trading with a government who practice such atrocities.

  10. There are chinese dog deity ( Xiàotiān quǎn (啸天犬 – “Howling Celestial Dog”) own by erlang shen deity (god).

    so not all people in china eat dogs

  11. 11 million people signed. the whole world know about the torture. you cruel ways of treating animals…all animals. you will be the most hated country in the world. hate you china. just hate you.

  12. Every country should stop importing or exporting goods and should break their relationships with this country. Totally awful news. 11 million is a big figure. How can they ignore them?

  13. What if the same 11 Million plus people boycotted Chinese goods? They have enough economic issues – why would eating dog be so important to their economy?

  14. This blatant racism towards the Chinese people does nothing to help the situation. As the Chinese themselves become ever greater animal lovers with a huge market now for pet ownership, they themselves are also working hard to address these problems and have already made significant headway in many areas of animal rights. Last year hundreds of thousands of Chinese animal lovers gathered in Yulin at the festival to campaign against what was happening and it is only a matter of time before this festival will go. And while we’re on the subject how well do you think the meat you consume in fast food outlets in non Chinese countries is kept? When you eat chicken or drink milk, do you consider the hideous industrialisation of our animal industry? Is it ok then to keep pigs in crates on their sides all their lives but not ok to eat dog meat? Even a stray dog in China has probably had a better life before it went to Yulin than the animal who provided the bacon you ate this morning.

    1. I appreciate your comment.
      Sounds like you have done some research. I want to add that Marc Ching of animal hope and wellness foundation is on youtube. He is planning his seventh trip to continue his undercover work to expose the dogs that are beaten daily and returned to their cage. I also wanted to be sure you saw this link:
      I guess you know also South Korea will eat 80 percent of the dogs they consume from mid July to mid August.
      In another article a commenter wondered why the focus seem so mention the barbaric killing rather than the crucifixion of cats and the daily beating of the dogs. I was told by a lawyer that the better thing to do is focus on not eating dog at all, rather than simply not beating, boiling, etc.
      If you reply, feel free to simply include some links that you have been to, if it saves you time.

  15. Stop stop stop this is wrong you are not starving these animals have feelings look into their eyes and you will see nothing but terror cause by you why do to want to be so cruel and untop of that the way you killed them is terrible while the other dogs watch how would you like to be a dog and feel so much fear that they actually pee on themselves that’s how scared they are.

  16. The ppl of the world should stop using Chinese products Boycott all their stuff den maybe they will wake up ?

  17. Yes boycott China. This sort of sadistic cruel behaviour should not be tolerated(simpletons vicious low life s.cum). The Chiniese embassy in London wants kicking out the country, are there any laws to go against them for choosing to ignore millions of signitures what a disgrace.

  18. Boycott buy nothing from this Country hit their economy protest your own Government to stop trading with them we don’t need them they are barbaric with no feelings they treat people no better sweat factories and abandoning their own children they are scum

  19. Every country with normal moral standards should protest officialy at the chinese government. The massacres of innocent wonderfull dogs and cats should stop immediately and all the animals should be handed over to rescue organisations. Come on USA CANADA FRANCE UK GERMANY HOLLAND SWEDEN DENMARK BELGIUM ITALY shout out loudly to Stop these barbaric actions STOP YULIN 2016 !!!!!

  20. The World is disgusted by China…to allow other people’s family pet’s their loved dogs get taken by the sub human’s of that country and be faced with torture that is not deserved …the dog thieves of your country need to meet their maker..hope the people take things into their own hands since their Government fails them…sad country that the World boycotts more and more…Disgrace to the world China….“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

  21. Widerliches Drecksgeschmeiss und Menschenabfall. Von mir geht kein Euro mehr an China!!!!!!!!

  22. Boycott China and it should be every dog killed one chinese killed then you will see how quickly they stop the belief that eating dog makes them strong

    1. I have no idea if not allowing any Chinese person would help, but I think every thing should be considered.
      Anyone that is not for the dog cat meat trade would probably be glad to make a sacrifice. Many have said they would easily give their human life now, with a painless death. to prevent dogs and cats from suffering the whole abusive ordeal , and the immense torture that they receive.

  23. Stop mixing everything and everybody. Many many many chinese are against the Yunlin festival. Chenese people are good people. I know them well as I live in China. They also protest and they also love they pets.
    In many other countries animals are tortured for many different reasons. This does not make every citizen bad.

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