We all know there are certain human foods that can be dangerous and in some cases, downright deadly for dogs. But what about the human foods that are not only safe for dogs, but are actually very, very healthy for them?

Here’s a list of some of the foods more commonly found on our plates that your dog can enjoy.

1. Rice. Rice is good for dogs. Rice is a very rich source of carbohydrates, phosphorous, calcium and iron. Rice diet is especially recommended for dogs who have allergies to several foods or dogs whose digestive systems are prone to fluctuations in response to more traditional canine diets.

2. Lean chicken and fish. Lean meat with no visible fat and no seasoning’s and preservatives is healthy for dogs and particularly so for dogs who need to shed a few pounds. Fish is very healthy for both humans and dogs.

3. Liver. Liver can be useful if used in some quantities in the form of a dog training treat. Most dogs seem to LOVE it and will work extra hard for a liver reward. However, dogs should be fed with liver sparingly as it can have a laxative effect.

4. Yoghurt and cottage cheese. Yoghurt and cottage cheese are a natural source of calcium. Yoghurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus that helps in the process of digestion small quantities of cottage cheese added to the dog’s normal food seem to be well received and is a healthy addition to their diet.

5. Eggs. Eggs when given in small quantities can be a good source of protein. A lot of owners will even include the shells. Many puppies are given eggs when they’re first being weaned on to normal food.

6. Peanut butter. Small quantities of peanut butter make for an interesting treat if added to chew toys (such as Kongs).

7. Vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, cucumber, celery, garlic, spinach, parsley, and green beans, squash and sweet potatoes are the top on the list. These veggies can be served raw or lightly steamed.

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