A dog seized almost two years ago, who was given a destruction order and placed on death row in February, has today (22 June 2016) been granted a reprieve in Exeter Crown Court and has been rehomed in Devon as part of the agreement to secure her freedom.

Stella, a pitbull-type dog, who has been refused exercise for nearly two years, was taken by police because of her breed and behaviour when officers seized her.

Her new owner Carolyne Pharaoh, who is an experienced dog owner, will no doubt be doing her best to make up for Stella’s pretty appalling two years locked up as she settles into a secure life in her new home – a 27 acre farm.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Wheldon Dog Law

Announcing the news on Facebook, Wheldon Dog Law, experts in all things legal in the field of dogs, who have handled the case fighting to save Stella said:

“We are thrilled to say that Stella’s appeal was successful today. The CPS agreed that Stella did not pose a risk to the public if she remained with her current keeper who has a vast amount of experience in handling dogs. Stella will remain living on a 27 acre farm in the beautiful Devon countryside with her adoring new keeper and family.

Much respect to Stella’s owner Anthony Hastie who made the very difficult decision to give Stella up to give her the best possible chance. Grateful thanks also to Laura Khanlarian and Helen Godfrey for being brave enough to speak up about the conditions in which Stella was being kept, Claire Jones from the BBC for taking up Stella’s story and DDA Watch.

As usual this case was a team effort between Tina Wagon, Harriet Snookes, Pam Rose, Ian McParland, Kendal Shepherd and Allie Green. What an awesome team.”

We echo those sentiments and wish Stella all the best for the future on her farm.


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  1. the poor dog was locked up for 2 years,. shame on the people who did this, i pray that karma gets them real soon,

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