Apparently one in 10 men do.

In new research, out today from Direct Line Pet Insurance, 9 in 10 dog owners have admitted to finding it easier to buy gifts for their dog than their family.

Dog owners also admitted to spending more money on their pet’s presents than friends’, grandparents’, siblings’ and even their parents’ presents.

Almost a third of dog owners choose to give their dog their Christmas presents before their partner because they’re more excited to give it to their pup (probably a good decision to stop the dog rummaging too!).

Prit Powar, Head of Pet Insurance at Direct Line, said “Naturally dog owners treat their four legged companions as part of the family and these results aren’t surprising coming from a dog loving nation.

“Christmas is a great time for owners to be with their dogs but it’s impossible to keep an eye on your pet all the time. With all of the extra food around at Christmas, it’s crucial to be aware of what pets are eating as some human food can be poisonous to dogs.

“If you feel your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have, all Direct Line Pet customers will be able to connect with a vet 24/7 through Pawsquad which is provided for free with their pet policy. If in doubt, customers should get their pet to the vet immediately just to be on the safe side.

“Direct Line urges responsible dog ownership all year round and Christmas is no different. Direct Line Pet Insurance customers concerned about their pet’s health can take advantage of free access to the PawSquad app, which allows users to video call or text a vet in any situation including emergencies.”

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