Happy Dog, Germany’s leading and largest dried premium dog food manufacturer, in keeping with its philosophies, has recently introduced to the UK, as part of its on going programme of providing premium quality products to a discerning market, a new innovative product for dogs with sensitive digestive systems – AFRICA .

AFRICA is one of Happy Dog’s Halo Brands, inspired by the cuisine of different countries around the world, Happy Dog’s Supreme Sensible Nutrition range not only provides wholesome and tasty food for dogs but it also provides specific solutions for feeding demanding and sensitive dogs, Lovingly prepared and developed by vets in Happy Dog’s factory in Bavaria, this range is even tastier and more easily digestible than many other foods on the market. The food is suitable for fully-grown dogs of all breeds and contains ingredients that reflect regional cuisine.

Happy Dog’s AFRICA contains ostrich meat and is suitable for dogs with food intolerances. There is only one animal protein source in the food and it contains no cereals and only uses gluten-free potatoes so is ideal for dogs with cereal allergies and intolerances..

Ostrich meat is becoming increasingly important for feeding dogs with demanding nutritional requirements. The meat is characterised by its special dark red colour and easy digestibility.

The food is available in a medium kibble size, in a range of bag sizes, 300g, 1 kg, 4 kg and 12.5 kg and in small kibble in the ‘My Little Range’ in bags of 700g and 2.5Kg.

Happy Dog is reknowned worldwide for its innovative approach to dog nutrition and continues to develop premium quality products to a discerning market and a further new ‘Halo brand product’ is planned to be launched at Crufts 2012. Further information on this new product will be released in the next few months.

Buying Happy Dog’s AFRICA will help to fund projects in Rwanda

The smallest country in Africa, Rwanda, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. The rate of adult illiteracy is 35%. Happy Dog donates 1.30 euro from every 12.5 kg Africa-pack sold (0.50 euro for 4 kg, 0.14 euro for 1 kg) to the SOS-Hermann-Gmeiner school and the SOS-vocational training centre in Kigali, the country’s capital. This gives young people a start in a self-determined life.

For further information on any of the Happy Dog ranges, email: info@happydoguk.com or visit the website: www.happydoguk.com

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