There is a bridge in the heart of Scotland that has been given the ominous nickname ‘the dog suicide bridge’ or the ‘dog death bridge’. As the rather sinister moniker suggests, this is a bridge that has claimed the lives of several dogs. Overtoun bridge is its actual name and in this video animal behaviour expert, Dr David Sands, sets out to investigate the strange phenomena of why so many dogs have jumped to their death from this bridge. But before you watch the video, may we highlight the following:

1. If you walk your dog over ANY bridge with low walls and a steep drop – PUT. YOUR. DOG. ON. A. LEAD! Seriously folks! Why would anyone risk letting their dog freely run over a dangerous bridge where they can’t see that over a small, easily jumped barrier/wall there is a drop of many hundreds of feet below that will surely kill them? Common sense. Particularly if the bridge in question is known to have already seen multiple dogs jump to their death.

2. Dogs don’t commit suicide. Simple as that.

Now, enjoy the video.

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