A new study has proven that dogs love humans more than cats, and let’s be honest we’re not going to disagree with that – although any self-respecting cat owner might! Dogs vs Cats is an established, long-running feud between a passionate set of owners, who equally claim their pet is the better companion.

However, the one thing all owners would admit to is that their pet (*coughs* dogs) is the perfect partner.

To settle the debate once and for all a new competition has been launched online by Drontal and Advantage where pet owners are being asked to enter their dog in the Team Dog Vs Team Cat competition and you could win £500!

The three-month competition (ending 9th of June) will be hosted on the Drontal and Advantage Facebook page; www.facebook.com/DrontalUK, where dog and cat owners will battle it out to determine who really is the perfect pet partner.

To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of you with your dog or cat with a declaration of whether you are Team Dog or Team Cat. All photos will be accumulated and the team (dog or cat) with the most entries will reign victorious. On top of that a lucky entrant from the winning team will win £500.

Judges from K9 Magazine and Total Cat magazine will choose the overall winner based on the image that communicates a perfect representation of the inseparable partnership. For those who don’t win, there is still an extra chance to claim £500 through a live public vote on the best picture.

Kata Berta, senior product manager at Bayer Animal Health, comments: “The competition was inspired by the love and devotion shown by pet owners across the UK. It encourages a healthy competitive spirit between dog and cat owners to find out which pet really is the perfect partner. An inseparable relationship is ensuring your pet is happy and healthy and naturally, keeping your pet free and protected from parasites is critical in the health and happiness of the pet.“

This Drontal and Advantage campaign brings together two parasite protection products to showcase the inseparable bond between pet and owner, and establish worm and flea prevention as an important ‘partnership regime’. For more than 20 years, Drontal has been a leading and trusted animal health worming brand that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats and dogs. Advantage is a fast and effective spot-on treatment for fleas.

To help keep pets at their best, owners should worm them at least every three months and apply flea treatment every month. To find out more information about Drontal and Advantage, please visit the website www.drontalandadvantage.co.uk

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