The build up to Rio hosting the 2016 Olympic games was a mixture of excitement and unhappiness with many Brazilians vocalising their thoughts that finances allocated towards the games could have been spent elsewhere, but as the games got underway and medals fell, the memory of Rio’s games, and hopefully the Paralympic Games are sure to be remembered more fondly.

Indeed, it will for the animals rescued and named after Olympus Gods who have met with gold medal winning members of Team USA, Eleanor Davis Logan and Tessa Gobbo at an adoption event hosted by World Animal Protection after being found living at one of Rio 2016’s construction sites.

Gold medal winners Tessa Gobbo and Eleanor Davis Logan, pictured here with Athena

Before visiting the adoption event, Eleanor, who is a known dog lover with her own dog regularly featuring on her Instagram page, adopted two cats from NGO Oito Vidas.

The gold medal rowers spent some time with a dog named Isaquias at the event

While visiting the World Animal Protection adoption event, she became particularly enchanted by a puppy named after Brazilian tennis player Guga saying, ‘I hope he gets adopted.’ After holding him for several minutes, she reluctant let him go.

Eleanor Davis Logan loaned Zeus her gold medal to help him shine and stand out from the crowd at the event

To their fans and every Brazilian who watched the Games, Eleanor and Tessa sent a clear message: ‘Support the Olympics by adopting a dog.’

At a different event, one lucky pup, named after the Brazilian soccer team captain, Marta, was given a fresh start in life after being adopted by Carina Gomes and her boyfriend.

The pair had been considering getting a dog for some time and it went down to the wire as the event gathered many ‘ahh’s’ but hours in, no adoptions had been made. Until, that is, Carina and her partner turned up and fell in love with Marta.

Carina was alerted to the adoption event hosted in Rio’s Barra da Tijuca by her mother. As the couple arrived, the sun was already setting and they received an enthusiastic welcome by Marta.

All Photo Credits: World Animal Protection

After playing with the sweet mutt for a while, they thanked the adoption staff and left without a dog. But as they walked away, all while being watched from a distance, the couple hesitated, began talking and looking back.

Marta was cheering for it and so were the adoption staff. The couple started their way back after a few minutes and decided to adopt her. It was an exciting last minute victory, much like Brazil’s own football victory at the Olympics!

After a successful interview and application completed, which told the organisation all about the couple’s experience and guidance for responsible ownership, Marta headed off into the sunset with her new owners jumping with joy.

Speaking of her reason for adopting, Marta said, ‘There are many abandoned animals that need a home today. I’m so happy.’

World Animal Protection will continue to host their adoption events throughout the Paralympic Games and beyond. Keep up to date with the locations of the events online at

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