As another year draws to a close, the UK’s animal rescue and charity system has experienced yet another rise in dogs being abandoned and taken into care, according to the UK’s largest dog adoption site,

But there is hope for the dogs currently sitting in kennels and foster homes across the UK, and that’s the hope that someone out there is looking for a dog just like them.

Here are 10 dogs who are looking for a loving new home to call their own in 2016, could it be with you? If you know someone who’s thinking of getting a dog please do share far and wide. Your share could be the one which helps their dream of a forever home come to life.

Meet Benny!

Benny’s a beautiful 3 year old brawny, active Staffie boy who has spent over a year in rescue waiting for a new home to call his own.

We are confident that with lashings of TLC, some encouragement and patience a true friend and great pet is waiting underneath his sometimes nervous exterior. Once on his walk, Benny enjoys taking in the air and keeps a cracking pace comfortable with human company and would be best suited to experienced owners who can work with him and in an environment with older children.

Find out more about him here:

Meet Ripple!

Ripple is 1 year old and a English Springer Spaniel cross who is as fun loving as she is gorgeous. She has long legs and doesn’t really act like a Spaniel so could have some sighthound in her.

We are looking for a calm home that can continue with her training. She can get very excitable around children, so we are looking for an adult only home or a family with teenage children.

Could she be the ripple to your raspberry?

Find out more about her here:

Meet Norman!

Norman is a 7 month old Doberman boy who’s legs clearly belong to another bigger dog or possibly a giraffe! He is going to be a big boy and this should definitely be something to consider.

A fan of the Christmas jumper trend, we are looking for a home that already has a resident dog to show Norman the ropes and continue his love of doggy company and is fine with cats. He can live with children over 7 years old as he is still a goofball puppy.

Find out more about him here:

Meet Precious!

Precious is a 3 year old small, female Chihuahua cross Shih Tzu. She’s a girl of few words who’s looking for a home with lots of cuddles and in return she’ll repay you with bucket loads of love.

Being so small, she’s looking for a home without larger dogs and would be best suited in a home without small furries.

Find out more about her here:

Meet Sherman!

Sherman is an adorable 14 year old Parson Russell Terrier boy who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Lincoln, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home. He would make a wonderful companion for an older person who he can snuggle up with, once he trusts them. Life is very much on Sherman’s terms (and who can blame him!).

Sherman’s favourite pastimes: Eating and sleeping, with occasional bursts of energy playing with his fosterer’s little Yorkie. He also likes squeaky toys, but they don’t last long.

Sherman has been good with his foster carer’s grandchildren aged 10+. He should be fine to live with sensible older children who will allow Sherman to do his own thing.

Find out more about him here:

Meet Alice!

Pretty Alice is a friendly and happy young medium sized tan and white 13 month old Podenco girl, with a cheeky loving character. A very lovely girl and standing about as big as a Springer Spaniel. She was abandoned in a box on the pavement outside a shop at only 4 weeks of age.

She is very intelligent, and learns quickly and would easily take to obedience or agility. She has a comical air about her and she keeps her foster carers laughing with her antics. Alice loves her cuddles as you can see and is fine with other dogs but isn’t keen on cats (sorry cats!).

Find out more about her here:

Meet Badger & Bowen!

Badger and Bowen are two 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Sharpei’s brothers who are looking for a loving new home together. This beautiful double act have come into the Leicester centre as their owner could no longer care for them.

They are medium sized, neutered dogs and such happy souls, full of spirit and can’t wait to get back into a home and a routine. They are very friendly, a little too enthusiastic sometimes but are just eager to love everyone they meet!

They LOVE to play and would need a supply of non-destructive toys to enjoy and an active new home where they could continue their adventures together meeting new people and other dogs along the way.

Find out more about the boys here:

Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a gorgeous 6 month old female Lurcher cross with a Collie (we think). She is a wonderful, friendly, playful girl and all she wants to do is play, cuddle, run, play some more.

She’s a fantastic all rounder, great with everyone and other dogs. What a super personality lovely Cinnamon has. Everybody who’s met her loves her – could she be the one for you?

Find out more about her here:

Meet Milo!

Milo is a one year old standard Chihuahua, who is being fostered in South Wales but can be rehomed to the right home anywhere in the UK.

Milo is large for his breed and there is potential that he has some terrier in him, but we are not 100% sure of this. He’s a gorgeous boy, who’s also a handful having no real manners and little socialisation until arriving in rescue. But he is young and so can be taught while he grows, and he’ll repay you in spades for all you teach.

Milo is very active and loves going out for his daily walks and can walk for miles and miles. In the evening he is contented to curl up on a lap or sofa to watch TV with his humans.

Find out more about him here:

Meet Holly!

Holly is the most beautiful girl with ears almost as big as her personality, she’s just super. She is the most beautiful, obedient, Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog and we think she’s approximately 5 years old.

She came to us from the council pound as an unclaimed stray, she was due to be put to sleep and so we took her in, as such we have no previous history for her.

In foster care she is impressing everyone she meets, she is always on your lap wanting cuddles. She is fantastic on and off the lead, brilliant with other dogs but untested with cats.

She is not food aggressive and will not steal other dogs food. She enjoys a good play session with a ball and is eager to please.

Find out more about her:


You can find many more dogs of different ages and breeds all looking for a loving new forever home online at

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