As a pet owner, it’s easy to clean what you see on the surface and spend so much time doing it, that you miss the dangers lurking beyond what the naked eye can see.

New research released by pet healthcare brand Bob Martin has revealed that although 80% of pet owners they spoke with admitted to being houseproud, a large proportion isn’t aware of how to keep fleas at bay and in particular, where the threats to your pet and re-infestation lie in and around the home.


Over a third of people the pet brand spoke with said they have had fleas in their homes, but over a quarter have no idea whether their house or pets have ever had fleas or not. Fleas thrive in warmer weather and while the research revealed that two thirds of those polled believe they would know what do if there was a flea infestation, less than half (42%) treated their home for fleas when their pet had them. In fact, 95 per cent of fleas do not live on animals, but in wood floor crevices, skirting boards, carpets and soft furnishings in the home and they can remain living in the cracks for up to two years.

Aggie MacKenzie, also known as the ‘Queen of Clean’ and best known for her no-nonsense approach on the TV show ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ has offered her expert advice on how to tackle the threats which lurk beyond.

Georgina Martin, CEO of Bob Martin said: “With the warmer weather approaching, it’s key that pet owners are aware of the importance of a clean home. Whilst all pets experience fleas at some point in their lives, prevention is the best approach and if your pet does have fleas, you should always treat your home at the same time as your pet.  If you don’t tackle this immediately, it may become a bigger problem, causing a lot of irritation for both the pet and the owner.”


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